Review: Edifier MP250 Sound to Go Portable Speaker



With so many children and no radio in our vehicle, whenever we travel somewhere it’s not long before we’ll hear the dreaded, “Are we nearly there yet?” After a while, the ones who haven’t fallen asleep will begin singing Christmas songs or reciting We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, followed by another couple of children joining in. This means that by the end of the trip we’re wondering what we can do to make things easier and more exciting when you’re stuck in a minibus for however long

Recently we received an Edifier MP250 Sound to Go Portable Speaker. It’s lightweight but solid, and definitely does what it is supposed to. Now, thankfully, we are able to hook it up to a tablet, phone, or laptop through the headphone jack and play kid-friendly music to keep everyone from going insane on long journeys. When we set off on our two month road trip in a few weeks, we’ll be glad we have it!

Included in the packaging are two wires; one to charge it, and the other to connect it to a device, a cover for the speaker, and of course, the speaker itself. Before use we had to charge it via a laptop for about four hours, and then it was easy enough to set up. Simply hold both the volume buttons for a few seconds and the light will go blue, signalling that it is on – it really could not be easier.

For something so small, it is extremely powerful, and as far as portable speakers go, it’s one of the best we’ve encountered. We’ve spoken before about Edifier’s speakers, and when it comes to quality they definitely excel. Appearance wise, it’s simple and attractive, which is a bonus. While it isn’t heavy, it’s weighted enough that it won’t be sliding all over the place, but it’s robust enough to withstand regular portability.

You can buy your own Edifier MP250 Sound to Go Portable Speaker from Amazon (RRP: £39.99).

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