Review: WebAnimator Plus by Incomedia

webanimator plus


Animating a short film or power point with Incomedia’s ingenious software WebAnimator Plus makes creating things easy and efficient. You don’t need to know how to code HTMLs, and there’s no Flash involved. Everything you need to make a brilliant advertisement, game, or film is on this single program, with no hidden necessities involved.

At first, we found the layout slightly confusing. But after watching the tutorial videos that can be found on the WebAnimator site, we managed to find our way around. When we did, we were so glad that we had worked it out, as we have become capable of doing so many things that we thought we wouldn’t be able to do without knowing some sort of coding. But thanks to the templates, we’re able to generate some incredibly professional looking footage within the hour. There are several choices when it comes to templates and special effects, but there is something for everybody, be it extravagant or simple.

We work WebAnimator Plus into our home education and leisure time. Some days we’ll set a task and for example, instead of doing the usual essays, the children will research and report what they discovered as a short film or power point presentation. Other days, once our school day is over, they’ll ask if they can make their own piece using the program. It’s a great way of encouraging creativity and developing skills they may need later in life. We’ve spoken so many times about how imaginative and artistic the kids are, some more than others, and this is a fantastic, often mess-free way of letting their creative juices flow!

WebAnimator uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 instead of Flash, which means we can be assured that our animations will be displayed correctly, and not all over the place. It works on all up-to-date browsers, along with smartphones and tablets.

Buy and download WebAnimator (RRP: £49.99 for WebAnimator, £69.99 for WebAnimator Plus) now and get creative!



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