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dino tales


Today marks the day that the wonderful Dino Tales by Kuato Studios launches, and we are glad that everyone else is finally able to experience the app with us. It’s a video game subtly combined with education – just what is needed in this day and age where smartphones, tablets, and consoles are easily accessible to youngsters.

Dino Tales is a game, encyclopaedia, and storybook all in one. Using one of the six adorable baby dinosaurs, your child can become an adventurer, storyteller, and student all at once. With the help of the Word Wheels and wise dino Darwin, they’ll discover many true facts about palaeontology that will keep them entertained and learning without realising. It even covers the all-important questions regarding dinosaurs and their bathroom habits!

The second we handed the iPhone with the downloaded app to 7 year old Paddy, he was guiding our dinosaur Harry, taking him everywhere and anywhere possible, eager to pick up trinkets and information along the way. By the time he had completed his turn, at least three of his brothers were asking for a go.

Dino Tales’ suggested age group is between 4 and 10, and we definitely see why. It manages to keep younger children entertained and interested while also catering to more complex needs for older children, with more in-depth information. The technology behind the game means that it tailors itself according to the player’s age, encouraging them to practise their reading skills whether they are new learners or more advanced. It’s easy to control, and none of the children hesitated when it came to moving the dinosaur around. Whether they are playing it as a relaxing reward on a Sunday afternoon, or you have passed it to them on a long car journey in the hope of some peace and quiet, it will be sure to keep the player happily occupied for a good while, and you can rest assured that they are learning as they play.

The app has some bonuses for parents too! We loved the parent’s corner, where we are able to set the reading age, choose whether to receive email notifications regarding their story, and set the length of time they are able to play for. The latter is extremely useful, fabulous for making sure that no one sneaks a device up to their room at bedtime to play far into the night.

The app is a refreshing change to certain mindless video games on the market. It has impressive graphics, interesting tasks, and the opportunity of education without compromising on the fun aspect of things.

Dino Tales is available for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch and is available from here.

See it for yourself here:


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