Review: Braun ThermoScan 7

braun thermoscan7


With so many of us in one house, we seem to almost always be battling some sort of sickness bug. Sometimes it’s a simple cold, other times it’s a more disgusting illness that leaves everyone vomiting. We’d pull out our trusty Braun ThermoScan 3 and within seconds know whether it’s something simple or more serious.

Recently we received a ThermoScan 7 from Braun, and as much as we loved our old one, this one is easily better. You’re able to program it to suit the age of the child, with three categories: 0-3 months, 3-36 months, and 36 months and over. This ensures that you’re getting an accurate reading, and with so many ages, this was a useful feature.

By far our favourite new addition to the ThermoScan was the colour ranges. The entire screen would light up green, yellow, or red depending on the severity of their temperature, with green being normal and red being too hot. This was great, as you could see at a glance the seriousness of the situation, while the temperature was also displayed onscreen. The yellow did look more like a lime green than the yellow it was supposed to be, but this was only a small issue.

Included in the box are disposable lens filters, and a case for the thermometer when it is not in use. This was a welcome addition, as it helps to keep the product protected and hygienic when not in use. We were even more impressed that it held the box of lens filters too!

It’s the ideal piece of equipment for anyone, whether they have kids or not. It’s compact, trustworthy, and best of all, it’s quick. No more sitting with a thermometer in your mouth waiting ages for the beep – simply stick it in your ear, you’ll hear the audible beep within seconds, and you’re done!


Buy your own Braun ThermoScan 7 (RRP: £46.99) from Amazon here.



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