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crazy talk 7


Animation is a wonderful thing. Our children love it, whether that’s watching it, or animating objects themselves. There may be a lot of programs on the market to help you take the first steps in animation, but our favourite so far has to be CrazyTalk7 PRO.

Animating with this program is entertaining, and easier than you could imagine. It’s straightforward: all you do is choose an actor from their list (or you can create your own using a photo), and off you go! You’re able to choose anything from their facial expressions to their emotions.

After we had prepared our chosen photo to animate, we started exploring the wide range of phrases and movements. We discovered that as well as animating your character, you can also change their eyes and teeth! There were several options for the eyes such as cartoon, human and animal as well as others. Each of these categories then contained a number of examples, so you can successfully turn your actor into anything you’d like!

With CrazyTalk7 PRO, there was a lot of laughter and chimes of, “When so-and-so is finished can I try?! It looks so COOL!”

When it comes to writing the script, you can either record your own speech or sounds, or use their templates. We opted for the templates to begin with, and enjoyed watching the character come to life. The kids were particularly amused with the evil laugh, which, when combined with the right facial expressions, would have them in fits of laughter for a good few minutes.

We absolutely love CrazyTalk7 PRO. It’s so much better than we expected, and is a definite boredom-beater for the days when you’re stuck inside.

The only wish we had was that it had a way to preview sounds before adding them to the script. When we clicked on a sound, they became part of what you wanted the actor to say, which would be a problem if we weren’t keen on it as we’d have to delete the entire script. While it’s not necessary, it would have been quite useful, especially when we first used the program and don’t know what any of the templates sound like.


You can find out more and purchase your own CrazyTalk7 PRO from here.



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