How to Pick the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs


Sometimes you may have too much stuff around that your home cannot accommodate everything. This means you’ll need extra space at home or look for temporary storage for your belongings. To solve this issue, a storage unit can be a perfect solution. However, you don’t just rent a unit and pack in. That’s because storage units come in different sizes.

Choosing one that’s too big means you’ll end up paying for more space than you need, while going with one that’s too small can result in not having enough room for your stuff. Therefore, you need to choose the correct size for your storage needs. Fortunately, you may seek help from reliable storage facilities like Osmon Moving and Storage to ensure you choose one that can comfortably fit all your belongings. Here are a few things to help you determine what size of storage unit is the best for storing your belongings:

Determine the Purpose of the Storage Space

One of the most important factors to consider when determining the right size storage unit you need is the purpose of the storage space. You will need to know why you need extra space to figure out what size unit works best for you. For instance, if you’re planning on moving or traveling and don’t need access to your storage space till further notice, go ahead and take a smaller unit.

Assessing the unit’s primary function helps you know what to store and what not to store. If you have vital belongings that need to be used in the future, they can be stored in a much safer place. Less important things can be stacked on top of each other since you don’t need to move around. This will help you optimize the space storage.

Declutter Before You Look for the Best Storage Units

Another critical aspect in choosing the proper storage unit size is writing down an inventory list. While you may know some of the things you’d want to keep in your storage unit, creating a list will make your choice easier. Sometimes you don’t clearly see the amount of stuff you should keep or take out until you write it down. This will also help you quickly locate stuff that you may need in the future.

It is also important to sort through your items and know what to put away before you bring them to the storage unit. Any unnecessary stuff you’re not currently using can be sold out or donated. Everything else that remains that can serve you in the future can be stored in boxes with similar items. You can mark the boxes and make a master list to find them easier. Once you’re done packing, you’ll know the perfect storage unit size you’ll need. This will help avoid choosing an oversized or undersized storage unit.

Measure the appropriately sized storage unit

Apart from determining the purpose of the unit and decluttering your items, you can choose the appropriate storage unit size depending on the type and size of items you’re storing. Your amount of belongings must be compatible with the size of the storage unit. This prevents squeezing of things, leading to their distraction. It also promotes a safer environment for your stuff that can be used in the future.

Fortunately, most storage facilities offer different sizes of storage units you can choose from. If you plan to store bulky items like furniture or appliances, you’ll need a larger storage unit. Measure the larger items to have an idea of how much space you need. On the contrary, if it’s hard to determine the space you need, you can use painter’s tape to measure an area of a storage unit of average size. Then, put some moving boxes in the marked space to know if it’s the right size for all your items. This is usually ideal for smaller units.


Choosing the appropriately sized storage unit for your needs can be critical. When it comes down to choosing the ideal storage unit size for your needs, it is crucial to carry out your research beforehand to ensure that everything will fit. Ask as many questions as possible from different storage facilities to get the best size storage unit for your needs.










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