My Tips and Tricks for Creating More Space Around Your Home




With the housing market still going crazy, not all of us are able to move and get the space we really need. But there are other solutions to help provide you and your family with that little bit of extra space without breaking the bank. Of course, adding an extension to your house would instantly expand the footprint of your home but this is costly and invasive. Instead, here are my top tips and tricks for creating more space.

Always start by decluttering your home

Clutter comes in many forms and for a lot of us it can become out of hand very suddenly. Taking the time to check in with your space and organise through your belongings will not only give you more space but will also remove some niggling stress. 

Knowing exactly where to start can feel overwhelming especially when there’s a lot to tackle. I always recommend starting by writing out a to do list of everywhere you want to declutter. Splitting your decluttering up into rooms or sections will make the task feel much more manageable. Starting from the top and working through and down the house is my favourite way to declutter.

Incorporate smart storage solutions

When you’re struggling for space around your home the last thing you need is stuff everywhere with no place to live. Being smart with your storage will give you more space and make it easier to tidy as everything will have somewhere to be neatly put away. 

Underbed storage is a lifesaver for cramped bedrooms, whether you opt for a divan bed with a built-in storage compartment or thin storage containers that easily slide under the bed. As this space is typically wasted, you’re not losing anything from the room. Instead, you gain more space by moving things from around the room and putting them completely out of sight. 

Seamlessly connect your home and garden



Blending your home and garden together naturally makes your home look more spacious. Replacing your back door with a beautiful bifold door will open up your room, letting sunlight shine through. During the summer months you’re able to completely open up bifold doors which gives you a stunning entranceway between your home and garden. You’ll find a lot of additional benefits to bifold doors that you can discuss with your trusted local double-glazing company. 

 Decorate with cleverly placed mirrors and lighting

Although adding mirrors around your home won’t add physical space it does create the illusion of larger rooms. The bigger the mirror the better! When you’re placing the mirror it’s important to think about where the light sources are. Placing a mirror opposite a window will draw additional light into the room which promotes a light and breezy feeling. Consider what part of the room will be reflected and allow this to guide the placement. 

Create a sheltered hosting area

Typical summer weather means that BBQs and garden parties are often halted due to downpours. Moving people indoors isn’t always an option if you’re cramped for space and have limited seating. Adding a covered glass veranda to your garden will provide you with a sheltered space that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Set up a cute BBQ station underneath, so you can stay dry whilst cooking up a storm. Add some garden furniture, all the supermarkets have garden tables and chairs in for the summer and if you’re lucky you may find some going cheaply on Facebook Marketplace. 









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