Four Ways to Organise Space in your Home or Office

As everyone knows, two of the most irritating things in the modern world are either running out of space or having all your stuff thrown absolutely everywhere with no discernible place for anything. This is why we have collected these four handy tips for organising your work or living space to maximise the usable area in any given room.


1: Shelves, drawers, and cupboards

By investing in some form of storage unit, whether it be a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, or something similar, you can drastically increase the amount of free space you have by putting stray items into it, rather than leaving them thrown about the room. Of course, you do need to sacrifice some space to actually put your storage unit of choice somewhere, but even that will seem neater than it all was before, and will make a lovely complement to your chosen living or work space.


2: Throw some things out

By the very nature of logic and reality, you can move things around to seem neater and fit more things in, but when you get down to it, they still physically occupy the same volume of space, you are just freeing more space between them. Which is why throwing a few old, broken, useless or no-longer-wanted items away (or recycling them, if possible) is one of the best ways to make more space. If it’s in good condition, you can also donate them to a charity of some sort or leave them in a public collection bin for people to take away for a new life, or pass them on to a friend or family member to keep for themselves.


3: Put some small things in a plastic container

Plastic containers are possibly some of the most important things you can ever buy. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, you can fit clothes and papers in a larger box, while smaller items (such as pencils, pens, rulers and other stationery, or jewellery/cosmetics) can go into smaller-sized containers, easy for stacking or putting into one of the drawers or cupboards you got in Step One! Also, you can buy plastic pots to use as makeshift stationery pots if you want to keep them accessible on your desk rather than just putting everything away.


4: Rearrange books, DVDs, CDs, and similar items

By arranging books, music, and the like in a certain order, you can make everything seem so much neater, and find things a lot faster as well. It’s much simpler to find a book when everything is neatly sorted into alphabetical or numerical order than when it was all scrambled into an unnavigable splash of thrown-together gibberish. Also, this tip can extend to things beyond books and music, to video or board games, important files, or letters. In fact, pretty much anything looks much better when organised in some fashion, from arranging your clothes by colour, style or season to personal documents by date or importance.









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