Travelling the World with Children: Things to Consider

If the idea of seeing the world has always appealed to you, but life has just got in the way, why are you letting that happen? Maybe your children are now at the age you feel that you are ready to embark on a new adventure in life. Travelling certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to that, but there are several key things to consider.


Are you financially stable to be able to cope with an extended period not earning your usual wages? Or are you able to save up over the next few months to give your bank account that buffer it badly needs if you are to leave the country for a few months? There are many financial considerations to take into account. Ensuring you can manage comfortably is imperative prior to making even an initial decision to get away and travel. 


Are you content leaving your home vacant while you leave for your travels? Most people wouldn’t feel comfortable, so may enlist the help of family or friends to housesit or at least visit regularly. Alternatively, you could consider a passive income via your house. Letting your house out may be an option. If you are away for a substantial length of time, you may wish to consider leaving the property furnished, but remove all personal items and put into self-storage facilities. If you are now wondering “Where can I find self storage near me?” then asking for recommendations is a great idea. Undoubtedly someone you know will have used a local company and can offer you advice. There are a lot of local storage units that you can check in your hometown. For example, if you live in Kings Cross, be diligent enough to search for the trusted and most affordable self storage in Kings Cross.


Healthcare in other countries can be very different. Of course, health insurance can be covered as part of a travel insurance package, but all the fine print must be read carefully. It is important to consider whether you could manage an unknown or serious illness when away from home, whether it happens to an adult or child. Being away from family and friends means that it would be far more challenging to find someone you trust implicitly to care for the children in times of need. Aside from unexpected illness, it is also vital to think about diseases which may be contracted as a result of travelling to certain parts of the globe. Vaccinations may be necessary to ensure safe travel. 


Although there is an enormous amount to be learnt from travelling the world, formal education should also be taken into account. If your children are of a certain age, you may wish to be fully prepared and teach them along the way. A few months or even a year out of formal education can really have a negative impact on a child’s learning. Ensuring that they keep up with their reading, writing and mathematics is vital. Some travellers choose to enlist the help of tutors if they are spending a prolonged time in one place if they do not feel that they are able to take responsibility for all of the children’s education. Likewise, a few lessons per week can also offer parents a bit of respite time.








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