Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework


Homework is an essential part of school as it encourages children to carry out independent learning, build on their time management skills and do what’s expected of them. As only so much of what is learned at school stays with children, it plays a vital role in improving their understanding of concepts and checking how much they remember. We have teamed up with a prep school in Surrey to share a few of our top tips for helping children with their homework. 


Create a Schedule Together

Children like routine. Having a schedule can help them to get used to doing their homework and do so without being told. To make one likely to be stuck to, involve your child in the process by asking them how they want to allocate study time and when they want their breaks.


Set An Example

While adults don’t have homework, we all have stuff that we should be getting on with whether that be responding to letters or learning of our own. Showing your child that you’re committed to doing the things that are expected of you can set a good example and encourage them to do their homework.


Make Sure That They Do It by Themselves

To help, you might offer your child a few examples and demonstrate how things are done but it’s vital that they do their homework by themselves. It’s used by teachers to identify how their students are doing and whether more practice is needed. Helping your child with their homework questions will make this harder for their teacher and deprive them of the help that they need.


Offer Incentives

Homework is something that’s difficult to get children to do, even with the risk of detention. To encourage your child to do their homework and build a positive relationship with learning, you can create an incentive scheme where they get rewarded each time they do their homework.


Be On Standby

Being close by can help you to be there for your child when they run into difficulties and help them to get their work done. Without doing their work for them, you can explain what questions mean and offer examples.








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