How to Boost Your Child’s Creativity


Creative thinking is an important skill needed at all levels of society. It’s needed in everyday life to make better decisions and overcome problems logically and efficiently. We have teamed up with an independent prep school in London to share 5 ways that you can boost your child’s creativity.


Spend Time Outdoors

Random stimuli like what you find in the outdoors can get the creative juices flowing and inspire children to think in abstract ways. The fresh air can also help them to take a break from thinking and refresh their minds so that they can create their best ideas.


Open Ended Play Materials

Toys like Lego and art supplies are what’s referred to as “open ended” play materials. They give children the freedom to create whatever they like and exercise their creativity. This can encourage them to think innovatively and develop a passion for the arts. 


Upcycling Projects

Upcycling involves repurposing old materials to create brand new ones and is a form of recycling. It can get children to think outside of the box and encourage them to take better care of the planet. There are lots of everyday items that you can use for this, from bottle tops to old magazine covers.


Read to Them

Reading introduces children to new and different ideas which can help them to explore different perspectives and be more creative. It also requires imagination to envision things unfold and anticipate what will happen next using one’s creativity.



Baking is a great way for children to experiment with their ideas and use their creativity. It is similar to open-ended play materials in the sense that recipes can easily be adjusted and tweaked to create something original. In the process, you can impart knowledge on to your children and teach them important science lessons.








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