Helping Your Child Find their Passion


Children have their own interests and personalities. Helping them to discover their passions will allow them to learn more about who they are as people, build their self-identity and understand what they want from life. In today’s world there are more opportunities than ever before which makes knowing this all the more important. A prep school in Hertfordshire has some brilliant guidance on how to help your child find their passion which we have shared with you below.


Encourage Them to Get Involved in an Extracurricular

An extracurricular activity is a great way to test the waters. They fit nicely into the school day and give children the opportunity to grow new skills. Whether they have a good experience or not, they’ll be able to walk away with a better understanding about themselves and learn about what they enjoy/don’t.


Explore Your Own Passions

Children naturally take after their parents. By showing an interest in pursuing your own passions, you can encourage your child to do the same and try new things in order to find theirs. 


Support Their Interests

If your child has hobbies, support them by making sure that they have the right resources to get started and praise them on their accomplishments. Doing so will help them to take their hobbies seriously and grow their talents.


If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try and Try Again

When exploring different hobbies, your child will more than likely find things that are difficult. Talent doesn’t come to everyone naturally and it takes persistence to grow them. To help your child, encourage them to try again and challenge them. If still they struggle and give up, park it up and try something new. There are hundreds of hobbies out there that they can explore.


Remember That They Aren’t You

When helping your child to find their passion, remember that they aren’t you and have their own unique personality. Allow them to explore what seems interesting to them as opposed to pushing them into what you think they should be doing. 








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