Choosing a Solar Provider: A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual


In order to get the most of your investment in solar panels, it’s essential that you extensively research the companies offering them before making a final decision.

There are many solar suppliers to select from. Choosing a solar energy supplier may seem like a daunting task if you’re not sure where to begin but professionals such as GGRS can help advise you on your needs. 

This step-by-step guide will help you narrow down your search.


To find out which solar providers are available, compile a list

Solar suppliers may easily be compared by creating a one-page comparison sheet for each organization. The best way to find the best solar suppliers in your area is to prepare a document, or even get a piece of paper and pen. Include local small businesses as well as major corporations that serve your region. Search for “solar supplier” on Google, then type in your state or city to get started. With a list of firms, you can begin filling up the document with additional information that you gather in the following phases.


Installing with a local installer or national company? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option

You need to know the difference between a small firm and a large corporation while evaluating your alternatives. As a general rule, bigger enterprises have a better track record and hence can provide more extensive warranty coverage. Additional payment methods and upkeep services, for example cleaning of the panel, may also be available.

There are several advantages to working with a company in your area similar to the way NRG Clean Solar Power operates, such as being knowledgeable with your state’s rebates and county permits. And since they handle fewer sites and clients, the process may proceed more quickly, enabling you to schedule appointments for price estimates and installation sooner. Consider if a small or big firm plays a vital role for your requirements in this phase. The firms that fit under each category should be noted in your paper.


Look into a company’s reputation

Experience is more crucial than firm size in most situations. Check the company websites to see how long they’ve been around. Inquire about the number of solar power systems each business has installed, as well as the sorts of roofs each has had success with in the past. Your comparison sheet should also include each company’s qualifications. The majority of organizations have websites where you can look for certificates, but if you can’t find anything, you can always call the company and inquire about credentials.

Look for firms that have been certified by the NABCEP. For installers and salespeople alike, the NABCEP certification program is widely acknowledged as the industry’s “gold standard”. Having a NABCEP-accredited PV installation professional accreditation indicates that the company’s installers have passed a rigorous certification process.


Do your homework

There’s no use in having any credentials or years of expertise if you’re not treating your clients properly. Installing solar panels is time-consuming and involves several steps, such as getting permits, determining your solar equipment’s size, and qualifying for state and federal tax incentives. You’re looking for a firm that’s personable and willing to assist. Use your paper to record the overall impressions you receive from the comments and testimonials you read — it will help you recall the issues you need to raise with a firm before moving forward.


Examine the financing options of each company

If you have a specific method in mind for paying for your solar panels, check sure the firm you are considering provides it. Make sure to look for organizations that provide a variety of financing options if you aren’t sure which one is the best fit for your financial situation. If a firm on your list doesn’t provide the financing option you’re looking for, remove it from your list.








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