Yoga for Seniors

yoga for seniors

It is currently estimated that more than 500,000 adults throughout the United Kingdom practice yoga on a daily basis.

Not only is yoga an excellent way to keep in shape, but can also be used to manage stress and to obtain a more peaceful outlook.

Due to its relatively low-impact nature, yoga can also be embraced by senior citizens. There are still some recommendations to keep in mind if you hope to make the most out of what this ancient technique has to offer.

Let’s examine a handful of key takeaway points.


Start Off Slow

It can be tempting to begin posing in more advanced positions at a relatively early stage. The issue here is that while the majority are static in nature, they are still very difficult to perform without the proper level of training and balance.

It is therefore important to start off slow and focus upon movements intended to strengthen your core muscles.

You can then progress to higher levels over time.


Use the Equipment at Your Disposal

Many of the positions associated with yoga can be performed with the help of quality bolsters.

These elongated cushions will provide your body with an additional level of passive support. They are also excellent choices if you happen to be practicing atop a hardwood floor.

There are a plethora of styles and thanks to their lightweight nature, you can easily transfer these bolsters from place to place.


Stretch Out Prior to a Session

With yoga, you can develop a greater degree of flexibility with practice. Still, it is best to warm up your muscles for approximately 15 minutes before a session begins.

There are many benefits which can be attributed to stretching and perhaps the most important is that this habit can help to prevent muscular strains and cramps.

Pay particular attention to these areas of your body:

  • Quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Lower lumbar region
  • Shoulders and neck
  • Abdomen

There are plenty of online tutorials which can illustrate basic stretching movements, so be sure to make use of these helpful resources.


Adopt Senior-Friendly Yoga Poses

The truth of the matter is that those with mobility may not be able to perform more advanced poses; even after a significant amount of practice. This is why it is prudent to learn seven exercises which seniors can employ. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Tree pose
  • Mountain pose
  • Bird dog
  • Sphinx
  • Downward-facing dog
  • Savasana
  • Cobbler’s pose

These low-impact motions will help to strengthen your core muscles and augment your balance without placing an undue amount of strain upon nearby muscles. While they might appear to be rather straightforward at first glance, always keep in mind that practice makes perfect!

With a bit of time and patience, there is no doubt that yoga will positively impact your life.










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