Pre-owned Bike Deals: Tips for Getting the Best Deal

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Men and women dream of purchasing a motorcycle for years. When the day arrives to make this purchase, they want to get a machine they will enjoy for years to come. Many people choose to purchase a used bike to save money. However, buying used doesn’t mean they must pay the asking price. The following tips help to ensure each buyer gets a great deal on their new ride. 


Research Your Options

Do your homework to learn the average selling price of the motorcycle by year, make, and model. Next, look for similar bikes in the immediate area to see how much sellers are asking. When doing this research, consider any rebuilds and upgrades completed by the owner, as upgrades affect the value of the bike. With this information, a potential buyer can ensure they get a fair deal. The seller immediately sees the buyers have done their homework and know how much they should pay for the bike. Visit to see the bikes currently available and the prices for each one. 


Book Value and Your Bike Purchase

Sellers often express frustration with motorcycle book values. Some owners commit to this price, but other sellers recognize the book values frequently differ greatly from street values. The street value actually serves as a better indicator of a bike’s worth. When approaching a seller, prepare to outline the real value of the bike and provide proof of this valuation. 


Don’t Oversell Yourself

Buyers often dress nicely and flash cash when they want to buy a bike. Don’t make this mistake. By dressing much as the seller does, a buyer finds they can build rapport with this individual. In addition, it’s best not to let the seller know when a buyer has a large amount of cash on hand. Come to an agreement before displaying any money. Once you reach an agreement, only pull out enough money to purchase the bike. Keep the rest hidden in different areas.


Counteroffering Wisely

Sellers typically set a selling price. They do so knowing a buyer will probably make a counteroffer. When making this counteroffer, don’t go too low. Doing so insults the owner, and they won’t be as willing to negotiate. They would rather wait for another buyer. Make a fair counteroffer and work from there. 


Personality Matters

There’s an old saying about honey catching more flies than vinegar. Pleasant motorcycle buyers build a better rapport with sellers of bikes they are interested in. When a person is likable, people tend to treat them better. Make certain you spend time engaging with the seller before making an offer on the bike. If you can get them to talk with you and laugh some, they are more inclined to negotiate a deal that is fair to both parties. 


Remove Emotions From the Process

Never purchase a bike simply because you fall in love with it. Making a decision based solely on emotion often leads to regret. Use analytical skills rather than emotions when making the purchase and the entire transaction will go smoother. 


Don’t Hesitate to Walk Away

Be prepared to walk away from a deal. If the seller appears unwilling to negotiate or refuses to budge on an asking price that is too high, look for a bike elsewhere. This may encourage the seller to reach out with a lower asking price, or you may find a similar bike at a better price elsewhere. 

While owning a bike remains a dream of many, overpaying for a used motorcycle won’t make anyone happy. With the help of the above tips, you should find a bike you love at a price you can afford. Although you may need to make a few upgrades or modifications once it is yours, doing so won’t be a hardship. You know you paid a fair price and will get a bike you love. That’s the important thing. 









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