How to Raise a Resilient Child


Resilience is a good way of building a person’s strength, being able to push away from adversity and build their skills. It also builds someone’s confidence and the ability to handle a lot more stressful situations. To build resilience in your child, here are some tips to try out from this private senior school.


Get your child to try out new activities

New activities like sports, art groups and more exciting things to either get them out of their comfort zone or experience a new level of confidence. There’s a lot of nerves involved in having to try out a new activity that will show your child that they can cope in different scenarios. Never try to push them to do something they feel completely uncomfortable with. Rather, let them decide what activities they may like to try and see how they do.


Take your child out on walks

Walks are great for a child to unwind and talk openly with their friends or parents. They’re away from their usual distractions and gives them the chance to work on their communication with others. Long hikes are great for giving yourself a chance to take a break from the stresses of normal life and can give your child a mental reset to get back on track.


Move towards set goals

Having a series of goals for your child to work towards gives your child a big level of focus. They’re able to work on things that they want to feel invested in and gives them a heap of confidence if they’re reaching the goals they want to reach. Having a good sense of working towards a set of goals means that your child can push away any distractions. They can talk to you more about reaching their goals and boost their sense of gratitude for doing well in the things they care about.







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