Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

peer pressure


Peer pressure is a hard thing to overcome, especially if you’re surrounded by friends who can push you into difficult situations. From cheating, bullying other kids, or doing illegal things, peer pressure is for the most part a toxic trait that can really impact children. This private school in London has some top tips on teaching your child to resist peer pressure.


Tell them what it means to say “no”

Saying no is a big step, as it can be easy for us to say as adults. Children can feel the pressure of saying no without a push in the right direction, which is where you come in. It will take time for them to understand, but you can show them the benefits of saying no. Your child will feel like they’re obliged to say yes, so it’s important they are aware of the consequences when they say yes to certain things.


If they succumb to peer pressure, show them how they learn their lesson

Being caught is the biggest concern of a child in these situations. If they are caught, by a teacher or by their parents, they will have to face consequences. While it feels like a harsh option, you can still converse with your child about what they have done and what they believe they can do to improve themselves. 

If they were caught cheating in an exam, for instance, your child will receive an automatic fail from the school at worst, and have to resit. Then you will have to intervene with a hard talk about how they shouldn’t be breaking the rules, and show a level of discipline.


Look at who they’re spending time with

If a lot of peer pressure is from their friends, they may need to find a new bunch of friends to hang out with. You can do this by getting your child invested in other activities and finding what makes them feel motivated aside from hanging out with their usual friends.







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