Helping Your Child Transition from Nursery to Big School


Nursery is a fun and exciting time for a child, as it is their first time entering primary school where they’ll meet lots of new people, get to grips with new skills and set them on the path to further studies. It can also be a very daunting prospect for children who aren’t sure of their new surroundings. To help your child with their transition to big school, here are some tips to try that this childcare provider in Richmond recommends.


Focus on the excitement of their first day

It will be a very exciting time for your child and show them that you want them to have fun and enjoy themselves. Hype up the day, get them ready by eating some of their favourite food the night before, and making a nice breakfast. Sing some songs on the walk to school and make them feel comfortable and happy about the day.


Take them shopping

Get them a little kit filled with stationery, a good notebook and some drawing supplies. They may not use them too much at first, but you’re showing that you’re making an effort. When they’re not around you can then look to give them a little treat for doing well at school in their first week.

Talk candidly with your child

Encourage open and honest conversations with your child to gauge where they’re at, what they’re thinking of school, and what they don’t necessarily enjoy. There’s always good parts and bad parts to school that your child will learn to overcome but keep tabs on their progress.


Take them to school each day

Sometimes a parent holding their hand as they walk to school or taking them to the gates is all they need to keep them focused on the day. They know they get to see someone they feel comfortable around in a few hours’ time. It’ll ease them into school much quicker having that support.







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