How Do My Child’s Lifestyle Choices Affect Their Education?


A large portion of a child’s life is spent in school, and many things can affect their education through lifestyle habits and changes. These lifestyle choices can affect a child’s mood, level of focus, retention and attendance in school, which has a knock-on impact on how a child performs in lessons and exams. 

To break down the effects lifestyle choices have, this guide from one of the best independent schools in Surrey has some key factors to look out for.


Diet and exercise

Both are key to building a healthy immune system for your child. Having a range of fruits, vegetables and other nutrients will help your child have the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep them fit and healthy. The right foods also help with brain power, making it crucial to help your child’s studies.

Exercise, in moderation, builds a child’s understanding of resilience, allows them to work in a team in some circumstances, and tests their critical thinking skills. Doing exercise each week builds muscle, raises a child’s endorphins and improves their mental health.


Sleeping habits

If your child is heading to bed really late in the evenings, then it can have a big impact on their day-to-day work at school. They may appear more erratic and stressed than usual or look more exhausted and less enthused to get involved. Ensure they have a good night’s sleep, remove any devices that could be keeping them awake, and engage in activities that can make a child feel more tired.


Encouraging bad behaviour

If bad behaviour is never called out it’ll only continue to grow and become a problem in school. This relates to a child’s lifestyle choices if they’re involved in the wrong social groups at school or become associated with bullies. Instil good practices in your child from an early age, and never try to dodge talking to your child about bad behaviour.






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