Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child


Mindfulness is an often untapped tool that can broaden both yours and your child’s senses. It’s been known to be beneficial for not just adults that are practicing how to take a break and understand their stresses, but also for children who face a number of varying issues on a daily basis. 

Whether it’s through school, if there are troubles at home, or if your child is facing learning difficulties such as requiring English Tuition or other additional help: mindfulness can help bring them back on track.


Practice with mindful eating

Children might not be able to pick up long meditation for a little while yet, but you can bring mindfulness into their lives without needing to drastically change their schedule. When children are younger they tend to eat slower and have their food cut into small pieces. This is a great time to bring mindful eating into their morning and evening meals. 

While they eat, ask them to think about what the food tastes like, why they enjoy the food and what they feel when they eat it. When we think about what we eat with mindfulness, we’re more likely to digest our food and gain from it through the vitamins and minerals a lot of our foods have.


Ask your child to observe their surroundings and become an active listener

Let them be more aware of what’s going on around them and become active listeners. As very young children we’d be curious about our surroundings and what others were doing as we crawled, walked or played. The same principles could be applied here by asking your child to sit down outside and simply allow them to observe what’s going on around them.

Actively listening employs not only your ears, but your facial reactions, your heart and your feelings. Train your child to pay full attention to what’s going on around them to allow them to build stronger connections with their peers.






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