3 Things to Do in Your Hot Tub That Don’t Involve Prosecco

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If you’ve been considering buying a hot tub but you’re not sure you need one as all your friends do in them is drink Prosecco and you can do that perfectly well indoors or you don’t drink alcohol, you’re not alone. 

Or maybe you don’t see the point in a hot tub because, not only do you have a perfectly good bath in your bathroom, having a bath indoors doesn’t involve sitting semi-naked in full view of your neighbours. 

But hot tubs aren’t just outside baths to sit in with your friends drinking Prosecco – they can be used for much more than that.

As well as the other usual activities such as listening to music, reading and enjoying a romantic date night, hot tubs can be used for almost anything you can do inside but in a more relaxed environment.  

Remember though, if you do decide to buy a hot tub, make sure it’s from a reputable retailer such as Hot Tub Barn


Create a hot tub cinema

Yes, you’ve got a comfy sofa and wide-screen television in your living room. But what you also might have is kids running around and a husband who keeps mansplaining the film to you. 

So why not create a hot tub cinema and relax in peace in the garden by yourself while watching your favourite film? 

Depending on your budget, your home hot tub cinema can be as basic as simply watching a film on your laptop or tablet right up to buying a luxury hot tub with a pop-up TV or installing a wall-mounted television or projector. 

Whatever you decide though, safety first! We all know water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure all electrical equipment is installed by a qualified electrician.


Learn a language

A hot tub is the ideal environment for learning a new language. The solitude, fresh air and peaceful environment is perfect for focusing and soaking up a new way of speaking. 

Stick your headphones on, lean back and let the lingo wash over you without the distractions of the television, dishwasher or washing machine in the background. You’ll be nattering like a native in no time. 



Hot tubs are usually associated with relaxation, while exercise is usually associated with strenuous activity. The two can be combined though. 

We’re not suggesting you try to run a marathon in your hot tub – although that would be quite the challenge, it would be dangerous as there’s a chance of slipping and injuring yourself. 

But the buoyancy of water is great for gentle, low impact exercises such as squats, light stretching or leg lifts. The water will lift the pressure and weight from your body, making exercise more comfortable and reduces the risk of any exercise-induced injury. 

While hot tubs are usually associated with sitting around doing nothing, as you can see, there are plenty of other activities you can do in them. Of course, sitting around doing nothing is a perfectly valid use of your spare time but these are a few suggestions for when you want to do something rather than nothing.







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