The Benefits of School Trips for Children

school trips



Children throughout their school years will have the chance to experience multiple school trips that are for a range of different subjects. Not only do they take children out of the classroom and into a new way of learning, but they’re also using a number of skills that push a child’s personal development.

In this guide from this independent school in London, we take a look at the key benefits that school trips bring and why they’re so popular.


Practices team building skills in an unfamiliar setting

There are ways that bring children together in different ways when they’re on a school trip. It gives them a way of cooperating with others they might have not spoken to before, and encourages children to get out of their comfort zone. Teachers might assign people to a partner – usually someone they don’t tend to converse with – to test their social and collaboration skills in a new way.


Takes them away from the four walls of the classroom

Children undoubtedly get excited about the prospect of going to a place they might not have visited before with familiar faces. Children are much more likely to participate in educational activities if you bring them away from the classroom and into a completely different environment. They can get tired of the same classroom routine each week and look forward to the prospect of leaving school for the day to experience something new.

Teachers and children are able to connect

Your child can learn a lot about their teachers just from school trips. They tend to feel more relaxed and open in front of their students whilst still maintaining order. It’s a part of how children can form a stronger connection with their teachers and build a relationship to help them with their future studies.

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