5 Reasons Your House Needs Rewiring


Upgrading your home’s electrical system should be done at least after a few years, instead of waiting for it to have an issue. Not only does this help in making things safer, but it keeps everything working as it should. Simply put, for the safety of your home and the people in it. Do a complete make-over to your old wiring system. Therefore, if you purchased an old home or your wiring is causing problems often, it is time to have your house rewired. As you plan for the electrical rewiring to be done, avoid doing DIYs and contact licensed¬†electricians from st Louis. Here are the reasons your house needs rewiring.


Dimming and flickering lights

Are the lights in your house suddenly dimming and brightening? This is a sign your lightbulbs are receiving too little or too much voltage. Hence why you have dimming, flickering, and even brightening. Sometimes the power fluctuations are because of using electrical appliances with loose wires, overloaded wires, and small electrical conductors. However, in most cases, it is because of faulty circuits and loose wiring. If this is a consistent occurrence, upgrading your circuit breaker fixes it and will reduce the risk that comes with it.


Overuse of power boards and extension cords

One way to know you are due for a wiring upgrade to your property is an overreliance on power boards and extension cords. This is because it is a sign that you do not have adequate plugs and sockets to supply you with the electricity you need. Also, it dramatically increases the risk of a fire. Notably, every electrical circuit in your home is designed for specific voltage use. But, the issue with power boards is you can easily go over the maximum limit. Request your electrician to not only upgrade your wiring but to expand your current circuitry to make your home more functional.


An old property

Do you know the age of the house you live in? An old house is a reason your house needs rewiring. In a house more than 25 years old, chances are high that your circuitry, electrical wiring, and cables are out of date and old. Meaning they are at a high risk of electrical fires and damage. This is because older wiring cannot keep up with the latest developments in electrical safety. Also, there is accumulated wear and tear, where your home is not safe as it should be. The solution is then to rewire your house.


Burnt light bulbs in sockets

If your bulbs are not as luminous as they once were, inspect them. If you see discoloration on the socket like a burn that was not there before, it is a burn and not your imagination. When you have a wiring problem, it leads to voltage fluctuations causing your light bulbs and fitting to burn. Sometimes it could have a smell because there is a short circuit behind your floors or walls. While in others it may be loose wiring that is in contact with flammable plaster or insulation. Therefore, do not dismiss it and contact your electrician to inspect and consider a wiring upgrade as well.


Discolored outlets and switches

Over time outlets and switches turn black. In some, it is a sign you have faulty or loose electrical wiring behind the walls or it is plain discoloration. As a result, it causes electrical sparks that sear your outlets and switches. Thus, the discoloration on your outlets and switches. If you notice such a problem in your house, call your emergency electrician contact to inspect the sockets and outlets further. Before they fix the problem they will explain how best to keep your property safe.

To conclude, your house needs rewiring fast if you notice any of the above tell-tale signs. Electricity is dangerous, especially if there is a problem with outdated wiring. Consider the above reasons to know when it’s time for an upgrade or contact your electrician to get further advice. Sometimes it is simple as noticing a burning smell from an electrical socket. Any unusual things you notice with your electricity at home, there is a possibility your electrical wiring is to blame, unless otherwise.









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