Looking To Convince an Upset Friend? Here’s What To Do



Fights between best friends are fairly common. Whenever you have fought with your best friend, knowing the perfect thing to say can be next to impossible!

It is not uncommon to have endured sleepless nights because your best friend is mad at you. Of course, there are times when the reason for the fight is as clear as day. But, there will also be times when you will have no idea what went wrong.

In such cases, communication is the key. So if you recently had a fight with your best friend and are looking for ways to sort it out, this article is for you.

We talk about five things you can do to convince your upset best friend. 

Have a look.


Communicate and Talk It Out

No matter how old or recent the fight was, you can never go wrong with talking it through. After all, if you don’t communicate with your friend, you might never figure out what is wrong.

The first step in trying to sort your issues is to find a quiet place to talk. Once you do, listen to what your friend is saying. Without judgments, without interruptions, just listen and try to understand where your friend is coming from.

Only once you listen to what they have to say will you be able to rectify whatever it was that went wrong. Giving your friend a chance to let it all out in the open will sort half of your problems.


Avoid Getting Defensive

It is a basic human tendency to automatically defend and justify our actions. Therefore, when your best friend conveys which of your actions upset them, you will be tempted to defend yourself too.

But, resist this temptation. Giving in to it and aggressively defending yourself will only make things worse for you and strain your bond even further. Remember that first, you listen and understand. Then you will get your chance to present your perspective as well.

Try to reach common ground – politely!


Ask Your Friend What You Can Do to Correct The Situation

Once your friend is done expressing themselves, paraphrase what they said to do. It will help you ensure that both of you are in the same boat.

Once everything is clear, ask your friend what they might like you to do to rectify your errors. More often than not, your friend will have some expectations they will want you to fulfil or some commitment they will want you to make.

However, never make promises that you find unrealistic or that you cannot keep. If such a situation arises where your friend acts unreasonable, negotiate and reach a middle ground.


Admittance Goes A Long Way

If it is clear that you were at fault, own up to your mistakes. You taking responsibility for your actions will speak volumes to your friend. It is easy to apologise, but your apology will be hollow if you don’t mean it.

Admit that it was your fault and ask for forgiveness. Ensure that your friend vocally expresses their forgiveness before jumping to conclusions and assuming that everything is rosy again.

You need to understand that your friend might not forget your behaviour in a couple of days. So it will take some time to regain their trust completely and make them believe that you are sorry.


Give Things Time

Time is the ultimate healer. There might be instances where your friend would be reluctant to talk about what upset them or why they are mad at you. In such cases, give them some time and space to sort through things on their own.

When they are ready, they will come and talk to you. But, until then, keep your calm and do not pressure your best friend into confiding in you about their reasons for being upset or angry at you.


Final Word

All friendships have their ups and downs. Just because the road gets a little bumpy, don’t give up. True friends are one of life’s greatest treasures. Make sure you don’t lose yours.

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