The Best Extension to Retain Garden Space


It is every homeowner’s dilemma when it comes to wanting to extend your home, do you extend and lose garden space or keep your garden space and not extend? We all know how valuable having a garden is for many families, especially when living in built up cities like London or Birmingham, for both retaining the value of your property and personal wellbeing. However, there is a way to avoid this dilemma completely if you are clever with which home extension you choose!

If you have dead space down the side of your property, typically only being used as a side gate pathway or paved area, you can have a side return extension. This is a great extension as it increases the width of the rear of your property and does not extend back into the main area of your garden. For many families, the existing space is not greatly used and can become an unloved part of the garden, as it is too small to do anything with and does not receive much sunlight at ground level. A side return extension replaces this dead space with new living space inside your home, allowing you to do a whole variety of new things. 

For many families, a side return extension allows them to have a wider kitchen area to enjoy, whilst maintaining the size of their beautiful garden. By adding width to your property, you can have an open-plan kitchen that has lots of natural light from skylights along the roof of the new side extension. You could add a kitchen island into your kitchen space or place a dining table in the new space a side return creates. The natural light from the skylights on the extension will provide you with a brightly lit area of your home, which is perfect for working underneath or having meals together. 

If you are wanting more space than a side return extension can allow, you can opt for a wrap-around extension, which uses the dead space down the side of the property and extends backwards into your garden. Whilst you will lose some of your garden space, you do not need to extend as far back as you would with a rear extension to get the same amount of space, as you have the bonus of the width from the side return. You can create lots of natural lighting with this type of extension with skylights both down the side of your home and in the rear extension segment. You can also opt to have bifolding doors on the rear wall, to open your home up to your garden making your garden feel much bigger. 

Whilst a home extension can risk losing some of your garden space, if you think carefully about what you are using your garden for and the benefits of an extension you may quickly realise that the new space inside your property is much more valuable to you. At Simply Extend, the leading extension experts in London and the West Midlands, their experienced surveyors will be able to talk you through the best extension for you and your property. 






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