Dainty Rings and Other Things: A Gift Guide for Those With Luxury Tastes


Is there a special someone in your life for whom it is just impossible to buy a gift for?

Their tastes and preferences changing day after day, it’s hopeless to try and pin down the flavour of the minute. So, why not try and look in those few broad gift groups that contain things sure to appeal to anyone, no matter how fussy or specific they are?

A couple of chief units to consider that fit the bill include:

1: Jewellery

Sparkly and shimmery rarities have captivated humans for centuries.

Celebrities wearing expensive bling on the red carpet.

Leaders and military commanders throughout history dripping in silvery emblems and honours enough to set their surroundings alight.

And the timeless tradition of trading golden bands to your affianced.

It’s no surprise then, that jewellers and goldsmiths worldwide have created a bustling economy based around obtaining, prettying-up, and selling on all manner of dainty gold rings, pearl-encrusted watches, and shining necklaces.

Made for any style for anybody, some retailers even take custom orders for if you’re really working hard to find something that would appeal to the emerald enthusiast in your life.

2: Food and Drink

A box of chocolates.

A bottle of rosé.

A family-sized bag of their favourite flavour of Doritos.

Everyone loves an edible gift, especially if said edible gift happens to be stuffed (pun not intended) with sugar or salt to feed (pun not intended!) those snacky urges.

And if a sweet-tooth surprise doesn’t really charm your giving personality, take it a step further and take them to their favourite restaurant. Maybe that new French place that opened up down the road?

Which leads perfectly into our final recommendation…

3: Experiences!

It’s scientifically-proven that the adventures you go on are considered more important in your brain than physical objects.

When you’re in a nostalgic mood, you don’t think of the things you own, you think of the things you did with them and what they allowed you to do.

A new game system fades from your memory much quicker than a trip to a new country, and you’ll probably remember that diving trip with your friends much longer than that selection of scented candles will even last.

Remember, only you will know the perfect gift for your intended recipient, but hopefully these’ll get you started.

Happy gifting!








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