Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts for Lazy Weekends


Cancel your appointments, keep away visitors, stock the fridge up with food, and turn your phone off or put it on silent. We’re having a lazy weekend indoors, and we’re about to get crafty. 

After an emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing week or month, all you want to do is get some “me-time” and indulge in creative ideas that will allow your inner being to relax. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best crafts that you can participate in.


What Is a Lazy Weekend?

Lazy weekends are meant to be those guilt-free moments that you have to yourself. They allow you to not be exposed to anything that will require you to overuse your brain or body. 

During this time, you grant yourself permission to not do anything taxing. 

Typically, people tend to participate in these activities on a lazy weekend:

  • Catch up on sleep.
  • Browse the Internet for creative ideas, such as looking for ideas on how to create a professional spiral painting
  • Indulge in self-care activities that will enhance your beauty experience.
  • Read a book. 
  • Watch television or catch up on all the episodes of your favorite series. 
  • Shop online. 

Let’s say that you’re on the creative side and would love to do something a little more artistic and play around with some colors on your lazy weekend. What ideas could you explore?


Colorful and Crafty Ideas for Your Lazy Weekend Indoors

Crafts are fun, colorful, and creative. Here are some ideas that you can explore, whether you’re home alone or spending some sentimental time with your kids or spouse. 

Get Crafty With Some Paper Plates

Here, all you need are some paper plates, paint, and a pair of scissors. Then, you can craft some fantastic pieces, such as flower crafts using some color and cutting out some shapes to put together on your colorful paper plate. 

It’s an inexpensive activity and allows you to get creative, even if you’re far from being the next Picasso. 

Play Around With Some Playdough

Go wild with some playdough on your lazy weekend. You can explore some really fun ideas, like adding shimmer to it and then putting it together to make a beautiful piece. There are some amazing tutorials on how to make shimmer playdough that you can check out online.

Get Creative With Some Paper Bags

These days, everyone knows about the importance of recycling and helping to save the planet. So why not get creative with recycled goods and keep your paper bags for your lazy weekend inside?

You can take the time to create some adorable puppets and animals, for example. You can cut out different shapes and sizes and glue these pieces together to assemble your desired animal. Then, add these bits to your home decor or use them for stage plays with the kids. 


On the Bright Side

These ideas are no doubt fun; the use of different bright colors will encourage you to enhance your creative side, release, and relax. So get as creative as you’d like, and make sure that once your lazy weekend is over, you feel ready to take on the new week. 







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