How to Raise an Inquisitive Child


Inquisitiveness is all around us as we grow up, and should be continually encouraged by parents when they’re raising their children. It’s a key part of allowing your child to be themselves, increasing their self-esteem and knowing their self-worth.

To raise a child that’s full of curiosity and wonder, there are a few ways you can encourage your child with this guide from a top independent school in Surrey.


Take your child to the library

If your child enjoys reading, writing or learning about different worlds in stories then regular trips to the library will certainly pique their interest. Let them pick out a few books to take home, or give them a few hours in the kids area to take in a new fantasy novel or picture book, depending on their age.

A lot of libraries and book publishers organise reading challenges for children to take part in that give them prizes and badges for completing them.


Use arts & crafts

Fun activities like arts and crafts, where your child can decide for themselves what they might want to make, is a fantastic stimulation for their mind. Let their creative juices flow as they make funky and interesting works of art you can stick on your fridge or frame.


Follow your child’s lead

Especially when they’re younger, toddlers often roam and want to explore the world around them, whether it’s at the park or at home. Give them the chance to do so (as long as it’s safe to) and see what interests them and how you can help them.

As they begin to talk more your child will be able to ask more questions and wonder what things around them mean. This is the perfect opportunity for you to provide open-ended answers so that they’re encouraged to ask more and more questions. Let them discover things naturally over time and be there to support them when they want to find out more.







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