Helping Your Child Become More Independent


From the time your child begins primary school they will begin to take their first steps towards being independent. A large portion of their week is spent in an environment away from their parents, and will need to learn about how to handle this change. School is usually a great way of providing ample distraction, as well as building social circles, but it can be more difficult for some children.

With the help of a pre prep school in London, here are some ways you can help your child with their independence as they grow.


Begin to set limits

When we mean limits, we mean rules that will keep your child safe and with repeated reinforcement of the rules will show them what’s right from wrong. So, if your child refuses to wear a helmet when on their bike for example, not allow them access to their bike until they follow the rules. They’ll soon learn that these rules are there for their safety and can direct others when they get older.


Maintain a routine

Your child’s primary school years will be the years when they begin to follow a routine every morning and evening. Over time they will learn to be able to do this by themselves without the direction of their parents. Sometimes they’ll need a push every now and then, but even then you should encourage your children to follow what they know so they’re not late for school or bedtime.


Give your child more responsibilities

Depending on how old your child is they’ll be able to pick up more responsibilities. Small steps can be setting the table for dinner, cleaning their school work away, placing food down for any pets you have or even walking the dog. 

They’ll then be able to pick up more tasks to help you around the house like filling the kettle, helping you with the cooking and accompanying you on grocery shopping trips.






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