5 Screen Free Activities to Explore With Your Child



Are you stuck finding something engaging for your children to do that doesn’t involve using a tablet, a smartphone or watching TV? As we turn to a more digital world we often need to have a few activities up our sleeves to take our children away from the screen.

With the help of this prep school in Hertfordshire, here are 5 activities you can suggest to your child that will take them away from the screen.


1. Reading

All children love learning about different worlds, stories and characters. Reading books with them gives them the chance to feel creative and inquisitive without looking at a screen for several hours. Picture books are especially handy to have for these moments when you’re providing a screen-free distraction.


2. Water Play

Whether it’s a trip to the swimming pool for a bigger session or filling up the inflatable paddling pool to put out into your garden, either are ideal to give your child some much-needed fun for a few hours. Water play is also a great way of improving your child’s fine motor skills.


3. Arts & Crafts

Everyone loves arts and crafts! There are many possibilities of making these sessions different from each other. Play dough and slime can be brought out on rainy days, and macaroni art can be brought out on the sunnier days. Children love to get creative and messy.


4. Go for a walk

Visit the local park or take the dog for a walk (if you have one) with your child. It’s a chance for them to get some well-needed fresh air and get them away from any temptations at home. Reward them by getting some sweets or an ice cream from the corner shop when you’ve finished.


5. Visit the museum

Educational trips out can be fun and inspiring for children, and takes them away from the house. It gives them an opportunity to learn something new with their parents, making notes and keeping them engaged. They could even talk about the museum when they next attend school.







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