Why You Need to Tell Your Divorce Lawyer Everything


Full disclosure might not always be the best thing to do when it comes to discussing your marriage and divorce, but this is not the case when talking to your divorce lawyer. When discussing your case with your attorney, it’s important to make sure that they know everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. This can sometimes be difficult, since divorce is such a personal issue and it’s natural to want to protect your privacy. But failing to inform your divorce lawyer about everything relating to your case could make the process longer and more difficult.


Why Does Your Lawyer Need to Know?

The more information your divorce lawyer has on the situation, the more prepared they will be for anything that might come up in the case. They will use the information that you provide to establish an effective strategy that will put you in with the best chance of a favorable outcome. If you leave important details out when discussing the case with your attorney, this could lead to them being blindsided during mediation or in court, which can make the legal strategy that they have put together less effective. In short, the less your attorney knows about your situation, the less they can do to get the best outcome for you. So, the more you tell your lawyer, the better they will be able to come up with a strategy that works and advise on how Minnesota handles divorces in relation to your case and what might be the best option for you.

When It Feels Uncomfortable

The details of your marriage and divorce might not always be something that you want to share with somebody that you barely know, and it can sometimes feel uncomfortable and awkward to go into detail. However, the main thing to remember is that this is your attorney’s job and they will have heard it all before. They are not there to judge you, but rather to get a solid understanding of the situation so that they can put together a plan and strategy that is in your best interests.

What Type of Information Do You Need to Share?

Think about any information that might come back to haunt you during the divorce process. For example, if either you or your spouse has ever had an affair, or if either of you have ever been financially dishonest with one another, your attorney will need to know. They should also be made aware of any domestic violence or emotional abuse, or child neglect. Let your attorney know if you have ever publicly posted anything about your spouse on social media or vice versa. While talking about subjects like this is not pleasant and certainly not easy, it’s important that your lawyer is aware of anything that might be relevant to your case. If you’re not sure what you should share, ask your divorce lawyer if there is anything in particular that they will need to know before going ahead with your case.

Talking about the details of your marriage and divorce might not be easy, but it’s important to make sure that your divorce lawyer has the full picture so that they can put together a strategy that works for you both.








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