Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

There are many reasons why parents should encourage their children to practise creative writing at home. Simply put, it’s an educational yet fun way for them to spend their time. They will become more familiar with different genres and writing styles, as well as expanding on their vocabulary and ability to communicate. I have teamed up with an independent school in Hertfordshire to offer you some tips on how to explore creative writing with your child. 

Encouraging your child to read regularly will help them become better writers. With that said, make sure your child has plenty of access to written material. This could be magazines, books or even online articles. One creative writing exercise you could ask them to do is pretend they are a journalist for a particular magazine or blog and ask them to write about your day out or a recent holiday. Get them to think about the different adjectives they can use to discuss their experiences. 

Another option for them is to rewrite the end of a book they have read. This is easier than starting from scratch because they will already have a strong basis for the plot and characters. Chat to them about how altering simple elements of the current story could drastically alter the outcome. Alternatively, they could write a book reviewing, describing what they liked and disliked about the story and how it made them feel. Did they laugh out loud? Did they cry? Would they recommend the book to someone else?

Don’t underestimate the power of planning. Mind maps are great because they allow one thought to lead into another. Get your child to plan out some key words and phrases that they are going to use in their own piece of writing. 

You should also get involved if you can and view it as a project you can do together. This will help your child with their motivation, as doing it alone might become boring. It’s important to encourage them to see their writing project to the end, to teach them about determination and the importance of not giving up. 






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