How to Raise a Science Lover


In the UK, science is a compulsory subject until the end of Year 11, and can lead to a range of fantastic career opportunities. Young people with science related qualifications can go on to have astounding careers as doctors, nurses, astronomers, psychologists, or forensic pathologists. With that said, parents should try and help their kids find a love of science from a young age so that they can reach their full potential during and after school. Here’s some advice from a pre-prep school in London on how to raise a science lover. 


Chat About Science

Try and find opportunities to talk about science on a regular basis. Next time you’re out for a walk, chat about the weather and how different seasons affect the trees. Point out the animals and bugs you see on route. Watch science documentaries and stay up to date on the latest discoveries. If a member of your family has recently had a cold, chat about how the immune system works to fight off infection. Essentially, the idea is to help your child become more familiar with science and how it applies to everyday life.


Value their Questions

Children are curious little beings, and they will ask you lots of questions to try and understand how the world works. These questions can be relentless, but it’s important to encourage them rather than turn them away. This will help nurture your child’s inquisitiveness so that they continue to learn and explore.


Do Some Gardening

Teach your child about plants and photosynthesis by planting some seeds of your own. Build a bird feeder or bug hotel and pay attention to the wildlife. Gardening is not only great for helping children learn about science, it also ensure they get some fresh air and exercise, and much needed time away from their digital screens. 



Science supplies are all around us; there’s absolutely no need to spend money to encourage your child to experiment. You could do a sink or float experiment in the bath, make bubbles with washing up liquid or change the colour of water using food colouring.






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