6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious



Sleeping in a hotel room is a heavenly experience. Fresh sheets, a deluxe comforter, and a mattress that you just sink into. And let’s not forget about the pillows. What do they put in hotel pillows to make them so dreamy? A night in a hotel room bed is one of life’s simple pleasures, but what if you could have that experience every night? What if you could turn your bedroom into a luxurious hotel room? 

It’s not as difficult as you may think. You can improve your space and turn it into a dreamy paradise by just making a few simple adjustments. There’s no reason why your room shouldn’t feel like a hotel, follow these 6 ways to make your bedroom feel luxurious:


Get Fresh Flowers

There’s just something so elegant about walking into a room with fresh flowers on the table. Not only does it look pretty, it makes your room smell great. Getting fresh flowers is a simple and affordable way to brighten up your bedroom and make it look more put together. If fresh flowers isn’t an option a great alternative is to use reed diffusers instead. 


Add Small Touches

One of the best things about a luxury hotel room is the small touches. The way the towels are folded in the bathroom. The mints on the pillow. The throw blanket that’s perfectly placed on the bed. These small touches might seem unnecessary, but it will make a world of difference with your bedroom. Simple touches like having velvet hangers and cozy candles from Homesick will bring your bedroom from dull to lively. Scented candles provide comfort and luxury through your senses so use these to create a room with ambience and relaxation. 


Splurge on a Mattress

If you want your bedroom to feel more like a hotel room, it’s absolutely worth it to splurge on a mattress. A good mattress will not only help you sleep better, but also will make your room feel more luxurious. The Layla hybrid mattress is a great option as it combines memory foam and coil springs to create a supportive, yet soft sleeping experience.


Be Careful with Lighting

One of the most subtle, yet important, aspects of a hotel room is the lighting situation. Hotel room lighting is always the perfect combination of mood and bright lighting. So you will want to be careful with both the style of the lamps you choose and the brightness of the bulbs. Warmer colored light bulbs are usually more comforting than cooler, brighter bulbs.


Add Your Own Personal Touches

As nice and relaxing as a hotel room is, it can also feel impersonal. While you may want to copy the luxuriousness of a hotel room in your bedroom, it’s also important to also add your own personal touches. It is your bedroom, after all. Add some unique artwork from Redbubble or a gallery wall with photos of friends and family. Your room will still be luxurious, but it will feel more personal and homey.


Put up Mirrors

Mirrors are a simple way to instantly make your room look more elegant, which you can avail of by visiting West Mirrors. There’s just something about having a bunch of mirrors that makes a space appear bigger and more put together. Hang a couple of mirrors on your wall and add a full length mirror by the door and your room will look like a completely different space. 

There is no reason why the joy of sleeping in a hotel room should only be reserved for those special nights. Just bring that comfort and elegance to you! Any of these recommendations are simple ways to transform your bedroom into the luxurious space you have always dreamed of. So that every night when you go to sleep, you get to enjoy the lavishness you enjoy in your very own home.









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