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Improving and updating your home is often an ongoing process. You know the score – you finish one piece of redecorating or DIY and then something else quickly beckons. It is never ending.

Owning your own home means you can maximise the returns on any investment you make by carrying out work that adds value to the overall amount of the property. But which renovations will give you the best return on the investment you put into it?


Replacing Windows

As well as improving the aesthetic look of your home, replacing the windows will provide savings on the amount of heat lost through blown glazing or poorly fitted frames. Whether it’s a single window that needs replacing or you want to give the whole property a makeover, you can often find a range of moneysaving window special offers online that will help you get the job done for less. Checking your home for damp through a company such as https://advanceddamp.co.uk/damp-survey/ will also help to prevent long term damage from occuring in hidden places.


Expand Your Living Space

Expanding your existing living space is something that ever growing families will benefit from without having to up sticks and completely move to a new home. Options to consider range from installing a loft conversion, adding a traditional conservatory or even a building a dedicated guest room or den for the kids with a garden log cabin.


Convert the Garage

Converting the garage into another room is likely to increase the value of your home by approximately 20% according to this article, especially if you have off road parking in addition and your existing garage resembles more of a jumble sale stockroom.


Revamp Your Kitchen

Revamping your kitchen is likely to set you back an average of ¬£8,000 but will increase your home’s value by approximately 6% or so. Often considered the heart of the home, the kitchen can be the make or break decider that prospective purchasers consider when looking at your property as a future home for themselves. Making it clean, efficient and fresh will make it beneficial for your family as well as a future selling point.


Update Your Bathroom

This is a job we’ve recently tackled and what a difference it’s made! One room can be drastically altered by replacing worn bathroom suites with crisp and new modern alternatives and by fitting new tiles to the walls. We took the option of getting rid of the bath completely and replacing it with a very large shower complete with dual shower heads for the ultimate in luxury and indulgence!


Improve Your Garden

Rather than just keeping the garden as a general outdoor space, transforming it into an additional outdoor living area will create an appealing aesthetic appeal to prospective buyers. Dividing it into separate areas for sitting, eating, playing or entertaining creates the feeling of outdoor ‘rooms’, effectively extending the usability of your home from the indoors, out.


Not all home improvements need to be costly. Simple changes that will help with updating and improving your home can be done on a budget. Take a look at these cost effective ideas on renovating your home for less.

Even if you are not considering selling up any time soon, any improvements you make will make your home more pleasurable to be in for your family and you.








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