5 Parenting Tips Every New Mum Needs


Being a mum is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a woman, but it isn’t a secret that it’s one of the hardest as well. Though parenting can make you feel defeated at times, especially while your kid is still a newborn you have to remember not to be too hard on yourself. There isn’t a person in the world who has it all figured out, especially in the realm of motherhood. However, here are some good tips to have in mind while juggling a kid and your adult life.

Show your love

Kids learn best through modelling others’ actions as a plethora of research shows. This is why you should act on your feelings of love towards them. Be careful, don’t spoil them with material things, just give them a hug when you feel like it, talk to them, listen to their worries. Shower them with unconditional love and care and you will be making sure that they will grow into an individual who is not afraid to care for others. Also, by listening to their feelings you are ensuring that you have a bond full of trust.

Accept others’ help

It’s easy to forget that no one is requiring us to do all that needs to be done on our own. If you were the one to make dinner tonight, ask your partner to feed the baby before they sleep. This is made easier nowadays with breast pumps and milk formulas such as Enfagrow stage 3, so mothers aren’t the only ones privileged enough to hold the baby while it eats. Some other family members may feel free to offer their help with babysitting, but don’t be shy to ask help when you need it as well. 

Enjoy the small things

Live in the now. You don’t have to think about laundry or the next feeding all of the time. Be present and grounded in the now. Enjoy with your newborn, every moment is special. Like literally, there will never be a single moment that is identical to now. So enjoy that! If your kid has made a silly face that has made you exceptionally giddy, take a mental note of that. If you have trouble grounding yourself, you may want to take up some yoga in your free time. There are also some maternal yoga classes which you are supposed to do with your child. This would also be a great idea for some additional together time with your baby.

Don’t forget about yourself

This is a piece of advice that gets thrown around very often but a lot of moms tend to overlook it. It is normal that your kid is the center of your world, but try not to forget your own value and worth. At the end of the day, you are the one that takes care of them and if something were to happen to you your kid will be worse off. Take a breather – fill a nice bath, take yourself shopping – you deserve it. It’s very important to practice some self care time after time.

Have a routine

It’s very important to teach your kid routine and working through a schedule will make things easier on you too. One of the most significant routines to instill is the bedtime routine. You should make sure to keep it very uniform and try to do it every day at around the same time. It could also be very beneficial to read to your kid before sleep. In this way they may show more interest in literature when they grow up because they will be associating it with their early childhood.









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