Great Online Education Tools Modern Teachers Love


Today you can find hundreds of digital tools related to the education fraternity on the internet. These digital educational tools are developed to ease out the working of teachers as well as students. 

If you want to know about the best online education tools that teachers love today, you have surely landed on the right spot. 

In this short post, we are going to tell you about the best educational tools for teachers. 

Online Education Tools Teachers Might be Using!

If you want to know about the most commonly used educational tools/websites by teachers, then read the details that we have listed below:


The duplication checker by is one of the best educational tools on the web. The majority of teachers from across the globe are known to be using this online plagiarism checker for the sole purpose of checking duplication. The need for plagiarism checkers has increased significantly, especially in these pandemic times created by the COVID-19 virus. Nowadays, students tend to copy content because they think they cannot get caught while sitting behind the screens. This free plagiarism checker can help teachers trace out even the smallest traces of duplications and similarities. The is a very reliable plagiarism tool, and it can be used by both teachers & students!

  • Edmodo 

This is another educational tool that can help teachers connect with their students. Online education has created a huge gap between teachers and students. To reduce and remove the gap, teachers are taking help from online tools like Edmodo. With this online tool, a teacher can easily create collaborative groups/teams. They can administer the work they have assigned and provide educational material to their students. Edmodo also helps a teacher check the performance of a student and communicate the progress of a student to their parents. This is a very helpful tool for teachers!

  • Projeqt 

This tool is also a helpful choice for teachers. It assists them in creating multimedia presentations with dynamic and attractive slides. On the slides created by Projeqt, a teacher can easily add interactive maps, directory links, online games, online quizzes, Twitter timelines, media content and many other options. A teacher can also use this tool to present students with their academic report cards during an online class. The projected slides by this tool can be adapted on any device!

  • Grammarly 

You might have heard a lot that Grammarly is the best platform for writers and students. It is true but what you don’t know is that Grammarly is also being used by teachers today. Many teachers are using this online tool for the sole purpose of checking assignments and essays submitted by their students for quality issues and plagiarism. Grammarly can check textual content for all sorts of human mistakes in less than five seconds. Teachers can easily score the work submitted to them with the help of Grammarly!

  • Thing Link

This is another online tool for educationists. The thing link tool would allow teachers to create interactive and intriguing images to understand students better. You can easily add images, music clips, sounds, texts and photographs of your own choice. Thing link can optimize the learning methodology and can easily expand the knowledge of students!

  • Trello 

Trello is an online tool/application that can help teachers connect with students to assign day-to-day assignments and projects. Trello is one of the best management tools to help teachers optimize their work and get output results from their students. Trello is universally compatible on all devices, and so it can be used without any hassle!

  • Class Dojo 

This is an online tool that can help teachers in providing feedback to their students. One should know that getting students on the right track is not an easy job. The class dojo can help teachers convey not only feedback but also tips regarding improvement of behaviour. This tool provides real-time information to students about their performance in the classroom. The teacher can also share these reports and suggestions with the parents/guardians!

  • Animoto

This is another online tool that most teachers across the globe love. This digital tool allows a teacher to create high-quality video contents for lessons. These videos can be prepared on any device and in a very short amount of time. The interface of this online tool is very practical and friendly, and even a teacher with no experience in video making can create the perfect clips.

  • Kahoot 

This educational tool is based on games and quizzes. Teachers can easily use this tool to create questionnaires, forms, gaming activities and surveys for their students to help them learn more easily. The Kahoot tool promotes game-based learning, which we think is very promising in these pandemic times!

So these were some of the great educational tools that some teachers are using today, and some would indeed like to use them!







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