How to Create the Perfect Garden Room Playroom



If there is one problem we all know when it comes to having children, is that they always want more! More food, more toys, more television time, it can be exhausting, and sometimes you just want your own space to have and do what you want. Investing in a garden room playroom can be the perfect answer to your problems, allowing you to reclaim your home from the grips of disorganised toys, and giving your children the space they want to play and have fun.

When you think of a garden room, you may think of a small space that is unsafe for children and much more like a garage than a liveable room. But this is not the case, with Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, you can have a fully functioning, liveable space that passes building standards for people to live in! They are fully bespoke, personalised garden rooms that can be designed to fit your needs perfectly, and they only take a week to build.

You can design the perfect playroom for your children which can have mirrored walls, comfy corners and even a bathroom area for them to use whenever they like. You can have an adjoining office room too, if you want to continue working whilst supervising your little ones. A garden room playroom can easily be opened up to your garden with bifolding or sliding doors, which can allow you children to easily go between the shade of the playroom to the sunshine of your garden on those fun, sunny summer days.



You can decorate your playroom as you like, with the option to have skylights that allow plenty of natural light in or floor to ceiling glazing for your children to look out from whilst they play. If you want the playroom to be a sensory room, you can play around with different artificial lighting options, or even have speakers built into the ceiling to play calming and soothing music to allow your children to calm down and take a moment to relax.

With a Garden Room that is built with Structurally Insulated Panel’s (SIP’s), you will have an eco-room which naturally stays insulated and warm to save on the costs of keeping your little ones warm in the winter. Each Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to last a lifetime, making them a great investment for your property. You can easily transform your garden room playroom into a study for your growing children to work in, or into an annexe for when they come home from University wanting their own space and independence.

As your children grow up, your garden room can be adapted and changed to suit whatever needs you have. Once your little ones have flown the nest, you can change it into your own outside bar, or hobby room, whichever you need most to relax after the stress of being a parent! For whatever you and your family need, a garden room may be exactly what you are looking for.

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