What Can I Do with a Loft Conversion?


In 2020, thousands of families decided to invest in their homes in the wake of the pandemic, valuing the space a loft conversion can add to their homes. It is no surprise that loft conversions have become so popular in recent years, being dynamic in their uses and almost always seeing a return upon selling the property in later years. So, what are the masses using their loft conversions for?

The most valuable rooms to add to a home if you are looking to increase their value, are bedrooms and bathrooms. Many of the loft conversions completed by the leading loft conversion experts, Simply Loft, have provided homes with a new bedroom and ensuite in their new loft space, being perfect for families of any size. They can be great for welcoming home University students who want their own living space, or for giving new additions to the family a bedroom to grow up in. Many homeowners do not realise the amount of new useable space that can be gained from a loft conversion, but in more cases than not you are able to have both a new bedroom and a bathroom for your new top floor. 

Of course, a bedroom is not the only use for a loft conversion. You can use it for anything you wish, including a home gym. Once again, the 2020 pandemic forced people to find space for their health and wellbeing in their homes whilst gyms were shut, and exercise classes were stopped. A loft conversion has provided many families with the space they have needed to workout, practice yoga, or simply just have some extra breathing space away from other family members. With different glazing options providing a loft conversion with varying levels of ventilation, there are some stunning loft gym spaces which have Juliet balconies and skylights to keep them bright and well ventilated. 

The beauty of a loft conversion is that you can easily change the purpose of the room as and when you need to, with lots of families recently changing guest bedrooms into home offices. The benefit of having a home office in a loft conversion is the added peace and quiet you get away from the busy areas of the home, like the kitchen. When you need to knuckle down and focus on that important work presentation, school report or family finances, you can remove yourself from all of the distractions in the rest of the home and truly focus. 

There are so many ways you can utilise your loft conversion space, and more importantly, you can change its use easily whenever you need to. You can have multi-purpose rooms with guest bedrooms doubling up as home offices, or you can have a distinct purpose with a home gym, playroom or hobby space. Whatever you need extra space for in your home, a loft conversion is the best investment you can make for your family and your property. 

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