How to Travel Around the World Safely During Covid 19 Pandemic?


The Coronavirus pandemic changed our lifestyle drastically. Traveling around the world is not easy compared to before. There are a lot of precautions you must make before traveling but it does not mean you have to halt your travel plans altogether. 


Steps to Follow to Reduce Your Risk of Getting the Coronavirus

Traveling is necessary for some people. And amidst the pandemic, we welcome a new normal that follows different guidelines to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. 

Below are some steps you can follow to reduce your risk of getting the coronavirus:

  • Check the Government Policies

To prevent delays and cancellations when you are traveling, always check the policies of your government first. You need to check both the policies of the country you are leaving from and the country you are going to. 

Preparing all the documents and requirements before leaving will save you the hassle of long lines and tests that you must do before your flight. Checking your requirements beforehand can shorten your quarantine times and prevent you from being stranded in between flights. 

  • Choose Accommodations That Follow Covid-19 Protocols

Choosing your accommodation is another factor that you must take into consideration. Always check if the accommodation you chose follows the safety guidelines on covid-19 to lower the risk of you getting the coronavirus. 

  • Check the Country’s COVID Cases

As much as possible, go to countries that have lower covid cases. Countries that have lower covid cases can have a stricter protocol. However, this process also lowers your risk of contracting the coronavirus. 


Things to Bring When Traveling

Aside from checking your government policies, you also need to bring specific things that can help with your travel. 

  • Alcohol and Hand Sanitizer

One of the most important things you should bring whenever you are traveling is alcohol and hand sanitizer. Keeping your hands sanitized wherever you go is important, especially when you are traveling.

Whenever you are touching different things, you also increase your risk of contracting the coronavirus. Safely store and bring your alcohol and hand sanitizer using spacious backpacks like hiking backpacks. These backpacks can pack a lot of things and are compatible as a carry-on. 

  • Face Masks

Another essential for most countries are face masks. Most countries do not allow you to go out unless you have a face mask on. Bringing a set of face masks can help reduce the cost of buying face masks during travel. You could consider a 3 layer face mask for optimum protection. 

You can also become stranded because of flight cancellations and delays. Having a portable shelter or floor mat can keep you comfortable while waiting for your flights. 

  • Body Essentials

Due to quarantine protocols and regulations, you may need to be quarantined in a hotel for a long time. This may mean that you cannot do your laundry for two weeks, so pack a good amount of clothes and body essentials like soap for your trip. 

You can also bring portable induction cooktops so you can cook meals in your hotel without having to go out and purchase food every day. Bringing your own cooktop can save you money from ordering food. 



Traveling the world during a pandemic can be challenging and scary. However, with the right preparations, you can avoid delays and be stranded during your travels. Taking these precautions can also help reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19. 






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