5 Lockdown Valentine’s Gift Ideas


We have had an eventful year that has seen us change the way we live, the way we work and even the way we love.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, isn’t it time we find some ways that prove that love can conquer all, even when we are face to face with a global pandemic?

Want to tell the one you love just how much they mean to you?

Here are some Valentine’s gift ideas for the one special person in your life.


Something a little sparkly

From dainty gold rings on fingers to decorative necklaces that hang gracefully around the neck, can anything really beat the sentimental memories that are evoked from a piece of jewellery gifted with love? Let me think about that? The answer is no.


Something relaxing

Almost everybody loves a relaxing massage. It is even better when it is carried out by the one you love… and then reciprocated. This lovely His’n’Hers Sensual and Romantic Massage Oil Gift Set contains 2 pre-blended massage oils and a wooden massager. The perfect gift for them and you!


Something fun

We won’t be in lockdown forever and one day (hopefully soon) we will be allowed out to play once more. When that day comes, the world will be your oyster, so how about gifting your significant other something fun that the two of you can experience together? With a plethora of gift experience sites offering a wide range of experiences and activities, there is bound to be something new that you can participate in together, making memories you will both remember forever.


Something Handmade

Recording the special sweet moment of Valentine’s day by customizing Valentine’s bobblehead. An exclusive present for lovers. The handmade custom made bobblehead is the perfect gift for Sweet Valentine’s Moment.You can choose a 100% custom bobblehead or a standard body as your valentines’ day gift. These kinds of custom choices are unlimited – you can try it, we can do it!



Something at home

Dining out at fancy restaurants (or even the local chippy) might be off the cards thanks to Covid and lockdowns but there is nothing to prevent you from organising your very own romantic date night at home.

Cook something special, have supplies of your favourite drinks and perhaps a glass of champagne or two, and dress up separately as though you were meeting for a first date at a posh restaurant – no peeking until you’re both dressed up and ready to ‘go’.

And don’t forget the candles. Pair it up with our suggestion for Something Relaxing we mentioned already and it’ll be a Valentine’s to remember!






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