What’s the Purest Form of CBD?


Recently there’s been a lot of talk about CBD oils recently. You might have heard about CBD, aka cannabidiol which is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. It’s a plant-based solution that is beneficial for your health and general well-being. It relieves stress, could help you to sleep better, could reduce anxiety, and that’s only the beginning of the list of its properties.

But CBD comes in different forms and shapes. There is a full spectrum of products on the market that come from the same plant but have various CBD concentrations and work a little differently. You can even have your own plant, if you check the best seed banks, and enjoy the cannabis you grew by yourself. However, among others, there is one CBD product considered as the purest form of CBD – an isolate. Let’s take a closer look at this product, and get to know if it should be your pick.


CBD Isolate vs Other CBD Products

To understand what is an isolate, we can compare it to other CBD products. Isolate is a form of CBD that doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids and is THC free. Being THC free means that there is no possibility of any psychoactive effects after taking it, so it’s an excellent alternative for those who don’t fancy how they feel after smoking.

We can compare it to full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products that, aside from pure CBD, also contain other substances. Broad-spectrum CBD products also lack THC, but they usually contain flavonoids and terpenes, which make your CBD product taste and smell unique, whereas full-spectrum contain THC.

However, there is also a theory called the entourage effect. It states that most of the beneficial effects of CBD can be stronger when combined with THC and other substances that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. But you need to remember that each user reacts slightly differently to the cannabinoids. If you’re curious whether you should choose an isolate over full-spectrum product, you should try both options, and pick the one that works for you.


How Should You Take Pure CBD?

There is no one answer to the question of how to use CBD isolate. One of the benefits of isolates is that you can find them in CBD gummies, powders or capsules. It’s great news for all CBD users who don’t fancy the under-the-tongue method of CBD oil consumption. You can add an isolate to your drink, or take it anywhere, even while on the go.

What’s more, as isolates lack other substances, dosing it is more straightforward than in the case of other products. You know precisely how much of the CBD you’re taking, and it requires fewer trials to find your perfect dose.


Why Should You Choose Pure CBD?

Taking cannabidiol CBD has plenty of benefits; it increases your general health and wellness. It helps you to deal with anxiety. One study showed that it significantly helped teenagers who were struggling with social anxiety disorders. If you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation, the CBD isolate can also be a solution.

It’s often a choice of those who want to avoid problems after drug testing for THC. However, you have to keep in mind that even an isolate might happen to have trace amounts of THC substances.

You should choose an isolate if you want to take larger doses of CBD. While broad-spectrum usually are in the products in the form of oils with a specific concentration, that of isolates is typically much higher.

Additionally, as an isolate lacks flavonoids and terpenes, it’s odorless and doesn’t have a specific taste that other products usually have. So if you’re not a fan of an “earthy” taste that the pure products have, you can instead reach for oils that are flavored.


How Is Pure CBD Made?

To get pure CBD of grown hemp, it has to undergo refinement processes to eliminate the other substances. Using the extraction method results in getting the pure essence more concentrated and which contains at least 95% of CBD. Then, purified CBD can be found on the market in various forms.


The Bottom Line

Choose your CBD products wisely. While deciding whether you should reach for pure CBD or other products, think about why you want to take CBD. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve – if you struggle with severe inflammation, you’d need a different product than while attempting to have deeper night sleep.

Remember that each body reacts differently to CBD. Try various options and find your unique way to achieve the effect you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dosing, but be careful if it’s your first experience with CBD. Take your time and find the best product for you, considering all the factors like concentration, taste, drug testing, and problems you want to fight. 


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