How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget



For most couples, getting married is both a blessing and a curse. You are ready to take your vows and start a new chapter of life together, but the cost of the big day looms large. It’s time to take stock and look at planning your wedding on a budget.

Indeed, one of the biggest financial mistakes that you could make in your life is overspending. Who wants to start of married life in debt? Unfortunately, many do.

However, it is certainly possible to have a fabulous wedding celebration without breaking the bank.

All good things need a lot of preparation, care, and attention to become fantastic. Money doesn’t make a wedding day count more or become more festive than another. Money pays bills, so here are a few tips to show you how to reduce the amount of your bill and to plan your wedding on a budget, so that it can be a day of love, not a day of costs.


Make A Wedding Budget

As you are planning to get married, your first step is to design a wedding budget that can match your needs without leaving out any of the things that matter to you.

Who will be responsible for paying the wedding bill? Is anyone else contributing to it? And what is your absolute maximum to spend?

It is important to understand the cost breakdown of the big day. The reception is the largest part of the budget, with up to 50% of the costs, following by the professional photography, the dress, the entertainment, the flowers and the stationery.

Identifying the areas where you can save costs without losing on the fun is key in budgeting your wedding effectively.


Save Money by Doing It Yourself

As the start of your saving quest, there is one thing that we need to make clear: You need to focus on the thin line between overspending and oversaving. Indeed, you still want to enjoy your big day, so be realistic about your saving project.

Firstly,  you can focus on simple savings, such as invitations. DIY card options, allow you to pick the material you need and assemble your cards yourself, can save you considerable costs in the long run.

Another useful tip when it comes to saving considerable amounts that are usually spent on little things is to make your own wedding decorations – if you’ve got time, which means if you are in no rush – with craft paper, flower, colour, and ribbon for a rustic and romantic DIY touch.

Whilst a professional photographer was always a must-have, in today’s tech age pretty much everyone owns a phone with camera. You could cut the costs of a photographer by limiting the number of photos you have taken by a professional, and get your guests to pool their photos in a Wedding Photo Swap.


Say Yes To The Budget Dress

Newsflash: Your wedding dress doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to look beautiful.

While you can’t easily find affordable dresses on the high street, if you are going for a traditional white wedding, you can certainly find preloved dresses that are in perfect condition.  Prom dresses might be a suitable alternative and is relatively easy to find a prom dress to suit you.

Shopping around can also help you to save a small fortune on the tulle bridesmaids’ dresses too.


Romantic Receptions That Are Affordable

Remember the costly wedding reception? Well, it doesn’t need to be.

If possible, avoid getting married on a Saturday as it is the most expensive day of the week for weddings.

Many locations charge significantly less, particularly for weekdays, so consider the date carefully.

Most people are trying to get a large ceremony and to invite all friends, colleagues, neighbours, lost friends from primary schools and old nursery teachers. Do remember that doing this will increase the costs considerably when your close relatives and friends will suffice to make the ceremony memorable.

Whatever you do, you must make sure that you cover transportation, both for you and for your guests. Having the peace of mind that everyone will be on time during one of the most special days of your life is priceless. Some limo companies offer wedding transportation packages and you can probably get a good deal if you book both the bride & groom transportation in a limo and a larger vehicle (or several) for your guests. Trust the professionals where it matters!




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