3 DIY Tips for Updating Your Home for Less

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Every home needs updating and renovating from time to time but calling in the professionals can be costly and difficult to do, especially in these Covid times of social distancing.

If you are feeling confident in your existing skills, or wanting to develop some new ones with the help of YouTube videos and online tutorials, you could turn your hand to a little DIY.


Invest in quality tools

If DIY is going to be something you are likely to do on an ongoing basis, it will be well worth investing in your own tools and equipment.

However, scrimping on these is likely to cost more in the long run, so ake sure you invest in high quality, durable tools that will withstand even the toughest use for years to come.

You can purchase specific equipment as you need it which will help with financing these new toys. Finding the right equipment for your needs is important so if you’re planning on installing engineered walnut flooring to replace old, worn carpets, for example, then you might want to do some research to find cost-effective yet high-quality options.



Before going out and spending your hard earned cash on brand new furniture, see if upcycling a second hand item instead.

Looking around on sites such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay will be bound to turn up an upcyclable bargain or two for very little outlady. Alternatively, Freecycle allows people to list things they are giving away. Well worth a look!


Sell the old

Updating and carrying out work on your home costs money and one of the best ways to help fund new projects is to sell your old belongings.

Not only would be getting rid of things you no longer need but will also help you to declutter your house. Less clutter means more space and a better aesthetic. So, this really would be a win-win situation.






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