5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home



Owning your own home is already a good investment, but maximising it with a few changes can increase its value substantially.

Here are a few ways to add value to your home:

Start with the small stuff

Small defects will not have an impact on your property’s overall value but if you have several appearing throughout your property, there is no doubt that it will impact the impression upon a potential buyer.

Replace old carpets or tatty floors with engineered wood flooring, fill in any cracks to plasterwork and ceilings, fix damaged windows, replace or reaffix loose tiles and stop those dripping taps. A fresh lick of paint will also work wonders for your home’s appearance.


Increase the natural light into your home

Increasing the amount of natural light into your home works wonders not only for the aesthetics but for your own mood in general.

Options might be to install larger windows or you could fit glass doors that open up into your garden, bringing the outdoors in seamlessly.

Another option to consider is a skylight or two which allow plenty of natural light to flow into your property. It is improvements like this that will really impress people that come to view your property, enabling you to command a much higher asking price.


Makeover the bathroom

Freshen up the bathroom by painting walls in neutral shades and that ensuring that there is adequate light. Removed cracked and broken tiles and replace with new bathroom wall tiles.

Adding a mirror or two will make the bathroom feel a lot brighter and bigger than it is and a heated towel rail is also a good addition.

Ensure you have a working extractor fan for ventilation and make sure the floor is clean and safe from the risk of any accidents occuring.


Change the existing space

Rather than opting for an extension straight away, consider how changing your existing layout might provide you with more space.

Draw up a simple floor plan of the current layout and take time to play around with removing and adding walls. Larger but fewer rooms can make a property feel much bigger, especially if the wall and flooring finishes continue throughout.


Give your kitchen a makeover

The kitchen is definitely one of the most important rooms in any home and one of the main things potential buyers look at that can make or break their decision.

An attractive, hygienic kitchen that is fully functional and practical is imperative.

Plan any replacement for your kitchen carefully and keep into account its position and shape. Decide whether you want to make any structural changes to the room and whether small but effective changes can create a bigger impact.

Zoning is also critical, so implement different areas for activity and make them defined. And don’t forget plenty of storage!








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