How to Remove a Sticker from Glass Without Any Scratches


In most cases, stickers are manufactured with an adhesive back, which is repositionable. However, more often than not, the ones stuck on a glass surface can be tricky things to take off, leaving a hideous stain behind. It is probably so because several stickers are designed to remain lastingly adhered to. However, with a wee bit of guidance and rubbing power, paper-based, as well as decal stickers along with its goo, can be easily removed from glass surfaces too.


Avoid using scraper or blade!

One of the instinctive actions about how to remove Sticker from Glass when it does not come off on its own or with the little pulling from nails is to make use of a scraper or blade with some force to dislodge it. However, one must avoid using them at all costs. Knives and scrapers are pretty sharp objects, and when you are not sure how much pressure would be ‘just’ right to take the sticker off without damaging the surface underneath, it is better to stay off them.

Premium quality materials such as Plexiglass hold the higher possibility of suffering permanent damage once their surface is scratched with some sharp-edged tool. Luckily, we have got plenty of other safe and simple methodologies to follow that accomplish the task effectively without leaving any residual matter or surface damage in the process. Let us explore them, one by one. 


Ways to remove the sticker from glass effectively


Method 1: Warm water and detergent solution

  • Soak the glass surface stuck with a stubborn label in a hot soapy solution. A good 10 – 30-minute soaking will help soften the grip of the sticker’s glue and make its removal pretty convenient— later you can simply use your hands to peel it off. 
  • The soapy solution helps to loosen the adhesive and sever its glass binding. 
  • If you cannot put the entire glass object inside the solution, soak a clean and soft washcloth or sponge in the water-detergent solution and place it over the sticker to dampen it and follow the same process as explained in the above points. 


Method 2: Rubbing Alcohol 

Those who are looking for a least messy solution to take off stubborn Stickers from Glass surfaces, rubbing alcohol is just for you. 

  • Rubbing alcohol is a solvent or cleansing chemical that disintegrates on sticker glue. It dries up pretty fast too.
  • Simply dab it on a cotton swab or sponge and place it over the surface to be treated. Wait for a few minutes, and the sticker should easily come off after sometime. 


Method 3: Vegetable oil and baking soda solution

Baking soda is readily available and safe to use in homes with kids and pets. It is a perfect generic cleansing agent that not only removes grime, dirt, and grease but also disintegrates them. Adding oil to it makes it much easier to create a paste that can be further spread over any surface to remove Sticker from Glass.

One may use any variety of oil that is used for cooking at your home. 

  • Ensure to cover surfaces close-by that you don’t want to treat. Protect them with fabric or paper sheets and fix them with masking tape to secure them from paste leaks.
  • Areas that shouldn’t come in contact with the baking soda + cooking oil paste include plastic surfaces, coloured substrates, wood, and textiles. 
  • Baking soda is a pretty safe substance to use, so even if you accidentally leave the paste on an unintended surface or skin and then take it off immediately after, it shouldn’t cause much harm. 
  • After necessary masking and adequately protecting the intended areas, spread the baking soda paste on the surface that requires treatment and leave it for the next 10 – 15 minutes. In the case of obstinate stickers, you might have to leave the solution for a few hours or even overnight to yield the desired results. 
  • After keeping the paste for the required timeline, simply wipe it off with the help of a clean and soft cloth. You’ll notice that by this time, the whole label and glue might have got disintegrated, thus making it easier to remove. 
  • Once all the matter is removed, use plain water to clean off the area followed by gentle glass drying.


Method 4: Water and Washing soda method

Another super easy method to remove a Sticker from Glass surface is to make use of water and washing soda solution. Washing soda and warm water serve as disintegrating agents that help to melt away the label adhesive to soften the surface bonding.

  • Since the substance is harsh and can irritate the skin, always wear gloves while handling washing soda. Also, it blends along well with hard water, or water having several minerals mixed in it, thus making it more caustic than baking soda, which is better for cleansing activities.
  • It is recommended to soak or dampen the glass surface and leave it for 30 minutes at least to let the solution work effectively. In case of hard bonding, the solution can be left overnight too. 
  • Once the timeline is exhausted, take the object out. Since the washing soda and water solution is way more potent than the baking soda paste, the sticker should slide off easily without much effort or scrubbing. 
  • Ensure to clean the glass object thoroughly after Sticker from Glass surface is removed. Be more careful while cleaning if you are going to use the glass container for cooking or storing food articles. 


Which way is more cheap and easy?

All the techniques that we shared above with you are pretty safe, easy to implement, and inexpensive too. The substances used for preparing the solutions are readily available. You can use either of the methodologies to get rid of stubborn and unattractive labels.

We recommend starting with the gentle options first such as soapy solution mix or rubbing alcohol and then move on the more potent concoctions in case the simple ones fail to achieve the desired results. 


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