How Pets Can Improve Your Holistic Well-Being


There are many ways to improve and maintain your holistic wellness. There are retreats for you to learn about and find a good wellness base, books that will guide you through the subject, and of course nutrition tips to keep you whole and healthy. Something (or someone) we may not realize can help us along on our Holistic Wellness journey, are our furry friends! Having them as our companion can provide us with additional aid to wellness. Now, there are 5 points to maintaining your personal health: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual. This list is here to help you try to conquer all 5 of those points, all while including your furry pals!


Going for walks

It is important to keep track of your physical health. The Apple Watch can provide you with stats you need to keep you focused on your physical well-being. Of course, there are watches that are compatible with Androids as well. Bottom line is, be aware of how much physical activity you are participating in throughout your day. If you maybe haven’t reached your physical goals for the day, taking your pup on a walk will help you to bond more with them, get their heart-rates up, and get you one step closer (literally) to achieving your physical wellness!


Connecting at dog-friendly spots

The Bark Happy App is a great way to find dog-friendly spots in your neighborhood. Whether it be a dog-friendly restaurant, a dog park, or a grocery store. Whatever errand you need to run, the app will help you to find a place nearby to accomplish your task. It also allows you to plan or attend dog-friendly events. This can help you reach your social aspect on your wellness journey. It is important to find like-minded people or those with similar interests as you!


CBD Healing

Healing your body with natural remedies is a main point for holistic living. CBDfx has natural and safe ways for both you and your furry friend to use natural remedies for stress, anxiety, and moderate pain. Their different concentration levels help you to pick the one perfect for your fur baby, based on their size and weight. This way you will feel comfortable giving them the proper amount. They also use pure ingredients and their oil is extracted from plants grown at state-of-the-art farms in the USA. 


Dive into a book 

In order to satisfy your intellectual aspect of your well-being, we recommend picking up a book to learn more about your pal. The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs are Smarter Than You Think by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, is a great book to start with, in order to learn more about the innerworkings of your dog. When we can understand other beings, it can benefit how we communicate and understand their needs as well. By using websites like Good Reads it will help you to find more books similar to the ones you love, read reviews, and ultimately help you to make the most educated decisions on your next intellectual endeavor. 


Have a good cuddle

Just petting your furry friend can instantly contribute to their well-being, and yours. So, having a good cuddle session with them will surely improve both of your moods. If you or your pup happens to be stressed, a weighted blanket can help to calm and relax you. A Gravity blanket is a great choice when it comes to weighted blankets. Because we know and love our furry friends, we know that they might shed a little more than we would like, so thankfully it is made of high-quality materials and the outside duvet-style cover is machine washable!

These of course are just 5 ways to aid you along your holistic journey. But remember, every journey is different. It is important to find what works best for you and your furry friend! Take your time figuring it out, that way your efforts will take you closer to your holistic lifestyle goals.









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