Quick Tips for Organising Your Home


Decent home organization is an issue facing a lot of people stuck at home these days. Too often, you and others trip themselves up on an errant pile of memorabilia, have your phone swallowed in the depths of a chaotic rubbish heap in the corner of a forgotten room, or simply misplace something you need. However, there are some easy ways for even the most laissez-faire or chaotic of individuals to guarantee you won’t spend fifteen minutes searching for the TV remote next time. For instance:

Choose your décor wisely

Little things, like light, air and cleanliness can make a huge difference on the general atmosphere of your living space. Heavy shutters stagnate the airflow and make everything feel humid and sweaty, while light nets and curtains allow plenty of natural light and a refreshing breeze to diffuse through the house. A fluffy or furry carpet in the kitchen attracts food and laundry stains like a magnet, whereas solid-colour tiling or a wood floor is less hassle to clean and easy on the eye.

Be ruthless with your disposal

Sure, you may one day find a use for all those odds, ends and souvenirs, but only if you have an urgent work project requiring a box full of ticket scraps for films shown in the early 90s. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in over a year, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be using it in the coming one, throw it out. Clearing out the space previously inhabited by CDs you no longer listen to, magazines you no longer read, and that box of books your friend lent you that you never managed to get around to opens up new worlds of possibilities. Who knows, maybe you can utilize that space for things you actually want and need!


A lot of storage spaces are usable for a whole host of things. For instance, got a bookshelf that’s looking a bit sparse? Move the flower vase from the table to the empty space, and you got something that holds up your bookends and brightens the room. Nobody reads physical books anyway!

Another example is the classic “hiding the rubbish bin inside an empty cupboard under the sink”. Keeps that nasty mess out of the way of discriminating guests and frees up exactly one bin-sized chunk of space in the kitchen.









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