Atlanta: The Top 13 Romantic Getaways

Happen to be in Atlanta for the weekend and looking for a romantic getaway? Then you are in for a treat of a lifetime! There are a great number of things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples and you and your partner are sure to find your best pick!

For your convenience we have compiled the list of the Top 13 Romantic getaways


  • Go boating at Georgia’s most popular manmade lake


Lake Lanier is certainly on top of the things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples. You will have a beautiful opportunity to take a boat out in the gorgeous lake with your partner and enjoy the scenery. In addition to boating you can also enjoy fishing, kayaking, and water skiing or even go swimming in the remarkable and peaceful waters of the lake Lanier. 


  • Take your date on a helicopter ride 


Avail the once in a lifetime opportunity offered by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation; and take a ride in the Vietnam-era helicopters for reasonably affordable rates! The ride lasts for around 10-15 minutes and is sure to be a memorable experience especially as the ride promises to take you on the dips and turns actually experienced by the pilots in history. 


  • Enjoy the concert at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 


Take your partner to enjoy a concert in the intricately decorated orchestra hall. Enjoy the award-winning performances of various violin concerts, Rachmaninoff symphonies and much more! Upon arrival you will find yourself in a modern and tastefully decorated atrium. If you are lucky enough you can also catch their annual gala and spend a memorable evening dancing, dining and attending the auction with your significant other. 


  • Spa Date!


Perhaps you and your partner are looking for ways to relax and spend some quality time together. What better way to do this than to spend time in a couple’s spa retreat together. The Luxury Spa at the Mandarin Oriental located in Buckland is just the place to go to if you and your significant other and looking for a place to unwind. Couples can have the benefit of a deluxe spa retreat with steam and sauna, a vitality pool, take advantage of a couples’ suite with immaculate marble bath and twin massage beds.

Another famous spa in Atlanta area is the Buckhead Grand Spa which promises a relaxing time with European style aroma therapy sessions, intimate hot stone treatments and much more!


  • Visit the Georgia Aquarium


While this is considered by most as a family oriented attraction, you would be surprised to know they have many activities that couples can enjoy as well. It’s as they say Fun for grownups after dark. The aquarium offers exclusive grown up activities for adults that are 21 and over. Cocktail parties, finger foods and other activates whilst enjoying the penguins are just some of interesting activities offered there. 


  • Enjoy the Sky View Atlanta


Probably the most romantic getaway you can enjoy in Atlanta, take pleasure in the view of the mesmerizing sites of Atlanta downtown. The Sky View Ferris wheel offers you the once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the view from the height of 20 stories. And you can even get a VIP gondola for a reasonable price of $50 per person! 


  • Visit the Fox Theatre


The ideal place to enjoy concerts and Broadway shows, the iconic Fox theatre offers different shows every day and you and your partner are sure to find your ideal fit. From romantic dance shows to concerts they have it all!


  • Enjoy Glassblowing with your Partner


Couples glassblowing class is another exciting endeavor to try out with your significant other. Situated in Decatur, Decatur Glassblowing was started by glass artist enthusiast, Nate Nardi. They offer a special “date night session” that includes a 90-minute private class for couples. Maybe if you are good enough you can make a souvenir in your class to remind of your time together. 


  • Picnic at the Piedmont park


What’s more romantic than packing a picnic lunch and enjoying it in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and scenic sites? Piedmont Park is the ideal place to visit for this purpose. Enjoy a picnic this weekend at one of Atlanta’s most spacious and gorgeous parks. They offer a wide variety of recreational activities for couples such as cycling and much more. 


  • Take a Hike!


Take a hike literally, at one of the Atlanta’s most famous East Palisades Trail. The perfect place for nature lovers and workout junkies, you and your partner are sure to have a great time. Take a break from the hustle bustle of the city life and enjoy a walk in the beautiful scenery offered by the East Palisades Trail.


  • Enjoy a drive in Movie


Enjoy a romantic drive in movie night like they used to in the olden times. Starlight Six Drive-In is one of the oldest drive-in movie theatres of the city and is certainly an ideal romantic getaway to enjoy with your significant other. What better way to enjoy a romantic weekend than to watch a rom-com or another happy sappy movie with your loved one under the night sky?


  • Enjoy Fine Dining


Enjoy a dreamy roof top dinner at Nikolai’s rooftop; an award winning restaurant you and your partner are certain to enjoy and have a beautiful night together with delicious food, surrounded by the stunning Atlanta night sky. Additionally you also have the chance to enjoy some of the best cocktails and specialty flavored Russian vodkas offered in the restaurant. 


  • Enjoy the Porsche Experience


Located at the South of Atlanta, you and partner can spend an exciting weekend enjoying the Porsche Experience. Enjoy the tour of the area, take a turn at the stimulated experiences or even have the chance to ride an actual Porsche! You can even have a drink at the rooftop bar that overlooks the racetrack.







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