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Mirrored splashbacks make an excellent option for any style of bathroom. Mirrored splashbacks aren’t just for the kitchens, anywhere where splashing occurs requires a splashback. So what better place for a splashback than the bathroom?

Most times, tiles are used for bathrooms; no doubt, it looks lovely. But the question is, would it still retain that beauty after a few months? NO.  That’s because water and grout aren’t two friendly components. Without regular and thorough cleaning of the grout in your tiles, it becomes dirty and turns to mould. Just a continuous splash of soap or toothpaste and your bathroom would look worn out in no time. 

Replacing an area of tiling with mirrored splashbacks is a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of the bathroom while still cutting down costs in the process. 

Bathrooms are supposed to look clean all the time; after all, the primary purpose of going there is to come out looking clean and refreshed. 

However, you can benefit significantly from the installation of toughened mirrored splashbacks in the bathroom. Mirrored splashbacks would make your bathroom look flawlessly finished for many years to come. 

Why mirrored splashbacks for the bathroom

It is relatively easy to see why most homeowners are doing away with traditional tiles and switching to mirrored splashbacks when they want to redesign or modernize their bathrooms.

Mirrored splashbacks are very easy to clean and to keep clean. You don’t have to use any expensive special cleaning products to keep it sparkling. Also, there is no single space for dirt to be trapped, leaving your bathroom clean and hygienic. Furthermore, mirrored splashbacks don’t just give a beautiful high-end finish; it is also highly durable. 

When used brilliantly, mirrored splashback is a great way of creating more open space. This can make the smallest of bathrooms appear more prominent than usual. Also, mirrors are often used to play with light, so by virtue of this, it makes your bathroom appear lighter. It comes in a large toughened panel that can be custom made to fit into the dimension of any bathroom, making it perfectly fitted to the walls.

Combining mirrored splashbacks with the right lighting system would be a great way to brighten up a bathroom with no windows.

Mirrored splashbacks provide far more protection for the walls as excess water splashing is inevitable, unlike tiles where moulds and mildew would readily grow.

In addition to protecting your walls, you also get a splashback that is personalized to your preference. Whatever color of mirrored splashbacks you decide to go for, whether grey or bronze, it won’t discolor or get stained with moisture.

How to pick the right mirrored splashbacks for your bathroom

After renovating your bathroom, and it’s time to add the finishing touches like the mirrored splashbacks on the wall, you need to know how to find the best fit. If you are going for a subtle and calm look, the grey mirrored splashback is a perfect choice. You can opt for bronze and silver mirrored splashbacks if you love having the sparkles and brightness all the time.










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